Annual Rechartering

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Online Registration for NEW members went LIVE in June. Review how Online Registration works by reading "The Basics of Online Registration"

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CORI and Youth Protection

Recharter Season 2017-2018

There are several changes that are happening this year.

1) Registration Fee Increase
On Labor Day, the BSA officially announced that to offset rising costs, the BSA membership fee will increase from $24 to $33 for all registered youth and adult leaders, effective December 1, 2017.

The fee increase is based on EFFECTIVE date (start date) of the membership. If you JOIN (registration is submitted) in Sept., Oct. or Nov. the fee is $2/month EVEN if your unit recharter is in December or in 2018.

If you join AFTER Dec. 1, then the fee is $2.75/ month regardless of month of charter renewal. Anyone who is currently registered pays NO additional fee UNTIL their registration/charter is renewed.

2) Youth Protection Training
Youth Protection Training will be required for all adult leaders at the time of registration- effective September 1, 2017.

Because completion of YPT is now required for all leaders at the time of registration, unit leaders must obtain copies of the completion certificates from new leaders who register online before approving their application. Adult members transitioning to a different leader position must submit a paper application accompanied by a Youth Protection Training completion certificate.

New members will need to go to, create a profile with The Spirit of Adventure Council, complete Youth Protection Training and then print or email the certificate.

YPT is also strongly encouraged for all parents of youth members, particularly Lion & Tiger parents and those accompanying on outings and overnights.

3) Adventure Card- no prorated fee for Fall Recruits
As a fall recruiting incentive/reward, we are no longer going to collect a pro-rated fee for any new Cub Scouts that join between September 1st and December 31st. Once the registration is received and processed (online or hard copy), a card will be sent to the new Cub Scout. The incentive card is renewed for a full year when the pack recharters. So you should still collect the $30 annual fee and be ready to submit it when the pack recharters.

Any new Scouts that join between January 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018, a prorated amount of $2.50/month fee will be collected.