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Developing Peer Leaders: Make a Ripple

The Boy Scouts of America is undoubtedly an organization of opportunity for both youth and adults – and when it boils down to it – everything we do, everything we believe in, is engineered to develop leaders for the future. Our program has been focused on this single goal since our conception over 105 years ago – and in the most unbiased opinion – the BSA is the premier leadership development program for the youth of our nation. But, we didn’t get this good at it overnight – as the common saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child” and that certainly applies to the Boy Scouts of America. So, here’s the key to how it all happens…

Every day, thousands of volunteers dedicate their time and energy to an idea. The idea that one day, every youth in their pack, troop, or crew will have the ability to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes because of the values instilled in them through the Scout Oath and Law. With changing times it’s important to constantly adapt to the youth of today, however, the values are and will always be at the core of our organization.

The key to it all is revealed in the 12 points of the scout law and the 3 points of the scout oath. The fifteen are the guiding principles for everything we do as an organization. And this key can truly unlock the door to any opportunity.

Every leader needs to be “Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent” and understand the importance of their duty to self, duty to country, and duty to God and to always remember to do a good turn daily. As long as we stick to the fifteen and let them guide us through all we do as mentors, guides, and leaders then it creates an unstoppable ripple effect.

Think of it this way – if every single day, every Scout, adult leader, or parent involved in this 2.5 million-member organization truly lived the fifteen, it would inspire others to the same. And, before you know it, we’ve made an impact worldwide and have brought Scouting and it’s values to all corners of the earth. With that, I challenge you – how will you make a ripple today?

Five Great Places to Camp This Summer

Massachusetts has no shortage of beautiful and exciting outdoor spaces, but we’re going to highlight five of them for you to try with your family or Scout unit this summer, in no particular order.

Harold Parker State Forest – Andover

3,000 acres located nearby in Andover, Harold Parker State Forest is a great place to go camping. The large campsites are spread out, so you can have a peaceful experience. It has 11 ponds and fishing and canoeing are allowed. Visit the website.

Nickerson State Park – Brewster

Consistently listed as one of the best camping spots in Massachusetts, this 1900 acre park features yurt camping, an amphitheater, and convenient access to the Cape Cod Rail Trail. A Cape Cod campground with the feel of an interior wooded forrest, you get the best of both. Visit the website.

Mohawk Trail State Park – Charlemont

The Mohawk Trail is one of the most beautiful spots in the Commonwealth, and a weekend in this state park will be sure to recharge your batteries. Now offering car-free camping for a more rustic experience.Visit the website.

Tully Lake Campground – Royalston

This campground is in the North Quabbin Region, and its central feature is the lovely 200 acre Tully Lake. Paddle your canoe out to the cool islands, or hike out to tranquil overlooks and roaring waterfalls. Don’t be surprised if you see some bald eagles soaring overhead. Visit the website.

Myles Standish State Forest – South Carver

This park has a great example of New England ecology. The pine barrens and cranberry bogs make this a real treasure. A large park, it offers five different camping areas and 16 ponds. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this coastal wilderness. Visit the website.