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#ScoutingThrives Update- Fall 2017

Program / Membership

Lion Cub Program (Kindergarten boys) is already off to a strong start! Last year we had a small group of packs that piloted the program, this year the majority of our packs have shown interest and signed up to run a Lion Den. If you have questions about starting a Lion Den, contact Jon Pleva. Similarly, the Base Camp(s) have created specific programs for Lions Cubs. These programs engage parents and Scouts in the hands-on activities that draw the children to the program.  Lion Cub programs at Base camp launch this weekend, and will be available at Lone Tree, and satellites. There are Lion Specific programs available every weekend! Check here for additional details and locations!

Home Base, the homeschool network at New England Base Camp, will open for its third full semester next week. The program is 100% sold out. We will start taking applications for the winter semester mid fall.

ISBCC, Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, New England’s largest mosque will be conducting Venturing and Boy Scout programs for their youth members starting this fall. As part of their program, they will bring their Scouts to Base Camp monthly.


Thanks so much to Warren Cochrane, Charlie Cochrane and Elaine Hiebert.  Who made a generous donation to The Spirit of Adventure Council, BSA in honor of their late dad Mr. George W. Cochran, III. The funds will be used to create an ongoing campership to recognize their Dad’s legacy to Scouting.

Similarly, Mike Chavez son of the late Cambridge Council Registrar Lewis Chavez has donated $5,000 in honor of his dad to support camperships programs!

John Andrés contributed $10,000 to support our ongoing work at New England Base Camp and its ability to effectively serve, provide outdoor programs and ultimately grow Scouting in our urban communities.

The Alumni Campaign has raised over $25,000 in honor several Scouting Heroes. These Scouting Heroes and more will be permanently recognized in the Legacy Courtyard at New England Base Camp, and eventually at other camps as well. Don Doliber, Bill Barrett, John Cronin, George Kanelous, Vee Sokickian, Paul Langley, Paul Doherty, Kenny Simmons, and other Scouters.

Barry Sloane and Newman Flannagan, the trustees of the Storer Trust, have awarded Spirit of Adventure $37,000 to support our continued work with Urban Scouting.

Anthony Consigli, CEO of Consigli Construction and an Eagle Scout himself, has agreed to serve as a honoree for the annual Salute to Scouting event!


Our long tenured, wonderfully dedicated, compassionate staff member Paul Gendreau has been hospitalized for the past week. He successfully underwent surgery to correct the condition. He has been in a lot of pain and his recovery will be slow.

Heather Sheehan, our outgoing, happy, helpful and smiling receptionist has also been in pain this summer. The doctors have recently identified her condition and while it will be ongoing, and she’ll miss sometime this fall, she should be back to her old self in the next few months.

Please send Heather and Paul your best wises through social media, or send cards to the office. We will share your cards with them when they individually return to work

Other staff news: Lindsey Dionne has left the Spirit of Adventure to pursue a career in teaching at Hill View Montessori. Cam Anstey has left to pursue a career in communications and marketing.

Please join me in wishing them both best wishes as they embark on their new adventures. They’ll both always have home with Scouting.

Finally, we will have a new complement of staff members to replace any vacancies, those announcements will be forthcoming toward the end of the month.

Summer Camp: Endless Opportunities

Submitted by Jenn Erickson, a Wilmington Cubmaster

Summer Camp…two words…endless opportunities.

Summer camp is so much better than a placeholder for your kids until you get home from work. So much better than a babysitter or electronics that keep them occupied. Summer camp is the time for kids to be kids. To get outside and learn the skills that will assist them in being better friends, prepared students and some day, engaged parents and productive adults.

The days are filled with fresh air, fun, learning (shhh!), dirty knees and hopefully sun. If not, they learn the importance of being prepared and having rain gear or learn how to be safe in a thunderstorm. They can do individual activities that strengthen their hand eye coordination, their creativity and imagination through woodworking, leather crafting, and arts and crafts. They do team building activities and learn to work and share with others. They learn new sports or maybe strengthen the skills of old ones. They learn they don’t have to be the best to have fun but they need to try their best. For many, a love of a new interest is borne or a skill crafted that they had never tried before. Who knew they were good at archery and slingshots? Who knew they could build a chair from a pile of wood? They get scrapes and splinters and learn how to treat them. They learn an appreciation of the outdoors and how to take care of it. They explore and discover new things in the world around them. They learn to care about the well-being of their friends by instilling in them the buddy system.

Summer camp is an opportunity for kids to be away from their parents. They discover what they can do without Mom or Dad there. We as parents learn what they are capable of when we step back and let them be, they truly can do so much more than we give them credit. They gain some independence, some confidence and learn from some mistakes. As they do these things, they build up their self-esteem and their self-worth. They become leaders and decision makers. They have choices that they are responsible for, they make new friends and are introduced to new types of people and situations. They grow.

Summer camp is childhood wrapped up in one week and I wouldn’t want my son to miss it for anything in the world. Summer camp is calling and he MUST go!


Pondering the Perplexing Puzzle Piece…

Submitted by Sam Plouffe, Council Program Director

Puzzles. We all remember doing them as kids, and the alternating frustration of finding and fitting together the correct pieces coupled with the immense satisfaction of completing the picture. Maybe your family was like mine and even spent time working on puzzles together.

This is a great metaphor for modern-day family life as well: sports, dance lessons, karate, school trips, performances, and other community activities all combine to make it difficult for us to simply find time to eat a meal at home together, much less spend time bonding as a family.

Last week, all registered Cub Scout families should have received a piece of mail from the Spirit of Adventure Council which included several puzzle pieces. You might have noticed that your son’s puzzle had an extra, special piece! Perhaps you’ve been pondering this perplexing piece…

Bring the “magic” puzzle piece to camp on the first day to receive your bonus starter kit: a spiffy special collector’s tee shirt with +2 Awesome!

“But, I already recycled that mailer…” you say? Never fear: Steve and Alex will also have starter kits for boys and girls who bring in a drawing of what they think their own Map To Adventure should look like! Go into Creative Mode, and show us what you’ve got!

Oh, and ANYONE reading this far down into the blog is entitled to our early bird rate of $225/child until May 15th! Just go to for details and registration links, then use the discount code #Puzzle at checkout

Take the time to puzzle with your family and engage with Minecraft in the outdoors! Connect with the conversation in these channels:

The Spirit of Adventure’s Northern Network

Submitted by Dave Fitzgerald, Director of Program

Over the course of the summer we listened to Scout leaders and parents share their thoughts about how to best use these three properties (Parker Mountain, T.L. Storer and Wah Tut Ca) together to craft engaging program for our youth. We came up with some great new ideas, and will be making a serious investment into our Northern Network’s programs and facilities over the next few years.

The first improvements will be:

  • adding more boats and water park features to Wah Tut Ca
  •  improving and expanding the COPE course at Storer

To satisfy your anticipation, the dates of operation for for the 2016 season are as follows:

  • Week One – July 3-9
  • Week Two – July 10-16
  • Week Three – July 17-23
  • Week Four – July 24-30
  • Week Five – July 31- August 6

To most efficiently utilize our facilities, we will be moving the Boy Scout specialty weeks such as Eagle Week and NYLT to T.L. Storer. With the addition of the NYLT and Eagle courses, T.L. Storer will operate for five weeks this coming season, and Wah Tut Ca will operate concurrently.

Both the Cub Scout camping committee, led by Tim Conway, and the Boy Scout camping task force, led by Mike Bryant, are currently working on the specifics for new programs details for 2016.

There will be more details in the future, so be sure to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our email list. The future for our camps is bright. We are so excited to show that we are going to be a force to be reckoned with in Boy Scout Camping and the northern destination for Cub camping!

See you at Camp!