Spirit of Adventure Council was created in July of 2015 under the idea that we would work together to help Scouting thrive in all our communities. We spent a lot of time during the merger process discussing possibilities, opportunities, and how we might create an entirely new entity devoted to the idea of helping Scouting Thrive in every community.

Since we merged, our committees have been busy planning, building, challenging past ideas, raising money, and – most importantly – listening and vetting concepts.

People often find change unsettling, and bring personal paradigms and history to the change process. Just like we took six months to listen and affirm the direction, so too the unveiling of our new Council takes time. Each little nuance effects every other decision, and often other committees, so the decision making process can be complex. We can’t create a new council oriented to deliver a comprehensive mission without comprehensive change.

Because of this, and the sheer volume of alterations, we’ve decided to release each decision as it is approved. We continue to welcome your feedback as we go. As this happens, we will make announcements through social media . Each announcement will share the hash tag 


This will allow public dialogue about each specific item, and an easy way for anyone to go back through the hashtag to catch up on the conversation. 

The basis for all changes are the listening sessions, feedback, and the ongoing discussions we’ve been providing since January 2015. Many of the tactical steps are already well-known to the Scouting community (like Camp Sayre open to the public, or creating the Northern Nexus). Others include the live support on Saturdays, the simplification of the merit badge counselor process, increased media and external communication, SOAR 2016, and more.

But the strategies behind those moves are less well-known, and they also come from the listening sessions and unit leader feedback. Most of the listening sessions provided insight into the struggles of running a scout unit and people sought ways to simply the process – remove obstacles

The top two things unit leaders asked for are no surprise:
1. Help recruiting adults (and scouts)
2. Help expanding the outdoor program

And of course the one thing we hear about subtracting is: Eliminate the red tape!

Our effort to achieve these somewhat simple goals has caused an entirely new look to the how the council serves. Look here for the current and complete narrative about the new model.


As you read the announcements please provide thoughts and feedback and keep those two elements in mind: they should be embedded in everything The Spirit of Adventure Council does.

Please share this page with your unit parents or others in your Scouting community. Also, take a moment to search #ScoutingTHRIVES: it’ll provide a few early announcements you may have missed, and provide an overall view of the process.