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#ScoutingThrives Update

By Maria Kaestner | May 12, 2017

Submitted by Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive & CEO Spring marks the start of summer programming, the end of rechartering season, and the continuation of #ScoutingThrives! Here is an update on how we have been progressing and growing this year and what we hope to see in the future: Program Stem Camp, Satellite Camps, Adventure Card … Continue reading #ScoutingThrives Update

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Pursuing the History of Our Nation: The Inaugural Hike of BSA’s Historic Minutemen’s Pursuit Trail

By Maria Kaestner | Apr 28, 2017

Submitted by William Cline, Eagle Scout, Troop 11 Dorchester, MA On April 19, 1775, after a shot was fired in a conflict between an elite group of Colonial Militia, known as “Minutemen,” and British Soldiers, the Minutemen pursued retreating British Soldiers from Merriam’s Corner in Concord to Prospect Hill in Somerville. Ralph Waldo Emerson coined … Continue reading Pursuing the History of Our Nation: The Inaugural Hike of BSA’s Historic Minutemen’s Pursuit Trail

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Summer Camp: Endless Opportunities

By Maria Kaestner | Apr 27, 2017

Submitted by Jenn Erickson, a Wilmington Cubmaster Summer Camp…two words…endless opportunities. Summer camp is so much better than a placeholder for your kids until you get home from work. So much better than a babysitter or electronics that keep them occupied. Summer camp is the time for kids to be kids. To get outside and learn … Continue reading Summer Camp: Endless Opportunities

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New Eagle Scout Recognition Process

By Maria Kaestner | Apr 12, 2017

Eagle Court of Honor One of the greatest moments in the Eagle Scout process is the Court of Honor. This is the event that celebrates your success with those who helped you and the rest of the community. We’d like to share some advice that may help make your special event even a little more … Continue reading New Eagle Scout Recognition Process

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Councils Coming Together- Wood Badge Course

By Maria Kaestner | Feb 22, 2017

Submitted by Elaine Mason, Course Director from Cape Cod & Islands Council, BSA Adult Leaders are invited to this year’s “Wood Badge” Course, hosted by the Cape Cod & Islands Council. The course incorporates the traditions of over 80 years of Wood Badge, while adding the management and leadership training necessary to be successful as a … Continue reading Councils Coming Together- Wood Badge Course

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Keeping up with the Spirit of Adventure!

By Cameron Anstey | Feb 10, 2017

  Submitted by Maria Kaestner, Spirit of Adventure Communication Specialist Do you ever feel out of the loop when people are talking about Spirit of Adventure events and programs that are coming up? You don’t have to worry about searching for news, because we can send all you need to know right to you! Our … Continue reading Keeping up with the Spirit of Adventure!

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This Old House: #ScoutingThrives

By Cameron Anstey | Jan 31, 2017

Submitted by Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive Spirit of Adventure Council The second round of Adventure Cards been mailed out to over 2,000 new participants. There are now about 7,000 adventure cards in use. These cards are one of the most significant signs of our recent shift to our service model. There has been much discussion about … Continue reading This Old House: #ScoutingThrives

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Why I Staff at Scout Camp

By Brice Pearce | Nov 24, 2016

Submitted by Michelle Merritt, National Venturing Vice President and New England Base Camp Program Director Over the past four summers, I have had the privilege of being outside on the hottest days of the summer, wrangling elementary aged kids into activities, sleeping in a cramped cabin, and not having access to the internet; and I … Continue reading Why I Staff at Scout Camp

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Lone Tree is joining the New England Base Camp Network

By Brice Pearce | Oct 28, 2016

Submitted by Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive and CEO “Can Lone Tree become Base Camp of the North?” has perhaps been the most common question that has come from our leaders from the North of the Spirit of Adventure Council since the merger of the two councils.  This serves two purposes: Create a place for the programs … Continue reading Lone Tree is joining the New England Base Camp Network

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