Rare Adventures!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Rare Adventures?

By combining the resources of Scout Reservations Wah-Tut-Ca and T. L. Storer, scouts will be able to participate in exciting new opportunities the likes of which cannot be found in any other camp. Go above and beyond the scope of normal camp activities and enter adventure!

Okay, that’s great and all, but what might a real “Rare Adventure” look like?

Go for a hike up a local peak, try out an all-new vertical caving tower (the only one  of its kind in Scouting), take an advanced sailing lesson on Northwood lake (the largest waterfront in Scouting across the nation), shoot a black powder rifle, ride a horse, build a raft! 

Who can participate in these Rare Adventures?

Anyone! Scouts of all ages and skill levels can get involved. Advanced adventures, like our mountain bike trek, can be modified and adapted to fit the needs of a group of new 11 year olds,  a capable and experienced group of 16/17 year olds, or even a mix of both!

Is there an extra cost associated with the adventures?

There is no extra cost for these adventures!

I don’t want my older scouts ditching the younger kids and taking off for the week!

With our Rare Adventures, that won’t be a problem! These adventures are designed to last for no more than a morning or afternoon. Also, you can sign up your entire troop and complete a Rare Adventure together!

How far is it between Storer and Wah-Tut-Ca?

By car, about 9 miles (20 minutes). By foot, bicycle, and boat? That’s something we encourage you to find out in our Cross Camp Trek Adventure (if you’re up to the challenge)!

Okay, you convinced me; now how do I sign up???

Sign up form is coming May 1st! Additionally, troops can sign up for Adventures upon arrival to camp on Sunday afternoon.