Membership Monday 9/14

Dear Scouting Families,

We hope you are all well.

It’s time for our second installment of Member Mondays.  This week we’re asking Scouting Families to share the story of Charlie – and ask your friends and family – by text messaging, email, and social media – to join with you and your family in your Scouting Adventure.  We’re sure that once you see this week’s highlighted video – you’ll believe it’s worth letting people know about how Scouting can literally save lives.

Please share the following:                                                  ‘

Text Messaging:  This week our family learned about a boy named Charlie.  Here is the story of how Scouting helped him save his father’s life:  To learn more about how Scouting Prepares youth for disasters in planned cooperation with FEMA in the INSERT YOUR TOWN area please email INSERT YOUR PACK NAME at YOUR PACK EMAIL.

Facebook:   To all my friends – as many of you know – our family is involved in Scouting.  This week during our Scouting journey we learned about Charlie – who used his Scouting skills to save his father’s life.    I hope if you have children – that you will sign them up for Scouting.  Scouting prepares youth for emergencies & it’s a lot of fun!  My family does it – and I hope you will to.

To all my friends and family,

I hope you are all well.

As many of you know, our family participates in Scouting.  This week, we were introduced to a story that we felt was important to share. It’s the story of a kid named Charlie – and how he used his Scouting skills to save his fathers life in an emergency.  We’re sharing Charlie’s story with you because we know that Scouting’s lessons can literally save lives.  Click here to learn a more about how this young man confronted and managed his fear – and took several direct steps in a deadly emergency – that resulted in his father still being alive today:

If you have questions about Scouting or just want to sign up – I would suggest you reach out to your local Pack or Troop through .  You can also email INSERT YOUR LOCAL PACK CONTACT INFO if you are interested in Scouting in INSERT YOUR TOWN NAME.
We hope your child does join Scouting.  They’ll be better prepared for an uncertain world and they’ll have a ton of fun in their Scouting adventure!



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