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Types of  Training: Pathways to Training at New England Base Camp Training Courses Adult Training BALOO Training is a day of fun and learning which will help pack leaders plan and carry out a quality “entry-level” outdoor experience for the Cub Scouts and their families. Participants will better understand the laws of the BSA and … Continue reading Find Training


By Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive and CEO Because of my Scouting background and my wife’s personal make up, we were eager volunteers when our two daughters where in elementary school. We immediately raised our hands to be Girl Scout leaders, run the PTO family fun nights, run the family church outings or the youth group. … Continue reading EMPOWERING LEADERS- OUR COMMITMENT TO TRAINING

Rechartering 2021

To schedule a charter turn-in time, please click the link below. If you would like to pay for your charter via credit card, debit card, or e-check, please use this link: Charter Turn In Charter Payments All Districts in the Spirit of Adventure Council should submit their recharter ASAP. Charters are processed as they come … Continue reading Rechartering 2021

Resources Groups

Folks who use the Scouting curriculum to raise their children naturally bond together in Packs, Troops, Crews and other community units. These units serve as the local Scouting delivery apparatus. For these community groups to work effectively, it is critical that the families in each unit are in alignment. We encourage families to re-confirm their … Continue reading Resources Groups

Coronavirus Updates

Scouting Activities & Meetings We are currently in Gear 3.  For more information about each gear, Click Here. Approved Advancement updates in response to COVID”  Follow this link to see the changes to 2nd Class and 1st Class Rank Requirements, Camping Merit Badge, and Eagle Extensions. Click Here for more details. **Click Here to See … Continue reading Coronavirus Updates