Birthday Adventure Is Yours Here!

All across the country, Troops, Packs, and Venture Crews find ways to celebrate and recognize and share their enthusiasm for Scouting is part of the anniversary.

Everyone understands the character and leadership building value of the program. And everyone in the program understands the fun excitement of the scouting activities. Yet, in many communities we also struggle with attracting new families. Ask any Cubmaster with growing membership and will all say the same thing “The secret is program first! Make it fun for the scouts, siblings and the parents!”

What could be more fun than an outdoor adventure birthday party!?
Plan your birthday party with us this month and save $50.
Think about the invitation list. All their friends would enjoy a day that includes rock climbing, archery, swimming, Native American games, and all the great outdoor activities.

So plan today, and register with your Scout’s birthday party between April – October 2016 during the month of February and save!
Email Heather Sheehan or call her at 617-615-0004 to schedule your party now.