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Troop 74 Sends Parent Letter

Troop 74 recently sent this letter to the parents in their unit. Just one example of Scouting continuing to thrive in the midst of today's issues.

2020-2021 Troop 74 Overview of the Direction Ahead

Hello Scout Families!!

Considering what is going on in the world, we hope all of you have had a good summer..

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Help Our Vets!

Visit your Scout Shop to take a name from the Giving Tree and donate essential uniform pieces to Scouts in need. When you give to local Scouts, you give them the opportunity to give back to their community too. Let's embrace the spirit of giving. Donations accepted November 13 - December 18.

The East Hartford Scout Shop is collecting Thorlo Socks for the Chrysalis Center’s Veteran Support Services, where they will

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5 Gears of Programming

Below are the guidelines for the type of programming The Spirit of Adventure Council is going to follow in regards to the types of programming and activities that are being offered. We will meet or exceeds the level of strictness that the State or Local recommendations dictate. The current gear or phase that the council is in at any given time will be posted on the home page of the council website.

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Recent Blog Posts

STEM Program Development

October 23, 2015

Spirit of Adventure has been selected to help develop STEM programs for middle-school age youth! Remember that science teacher you had in elementary school that really made it all come alive for you? He or she had those awesome experiments that you couldn’t stop thinking about even after leaving school…maybe it was making ice cream … Continue reading STEM Program Development

Adaptation: Changing a Culture

October 16, 2015

Submitted by Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive It has been an enlightening Fall as we rolled through the first typical six weeks of Scouting in the Spirit of Adventure Council. During the summer we had the benefit of simply running a few Scout camps: the highlight of our program. However, they are in many ways separate … Continue reading Adaptation: Changing a Culture

The Spirit of Adventure Needs YOU!

October 16, 2015

Remember that Boston Globe article about ice climbing at New England Base Camp? We want your comments about this article and New England Base Camp in general! Head over to Facebook by clicking here, or on the image below. Please help us to “engage youth and parents in physical fitness and the outdoors, as well … Continue reading The Spirit of Adventure Needs YOU!

Why Wait until Christmas to Practice the Spirit of Giving?

October 9, 2015

Submitted by Jim Garrett, Northern Light District Executive The core tenets of Scouting not only include self-improvement, but service to others. In your local community there are families and senior citizens without access to food or the regular comforts which can so often be taken for granted. As a Cub Scout, I remember showing up at a … Continue reading Why Wait until Christmas to Practice the Spirit of Giving?

Scouts, What Did You Do on Your Vacation?

October 2, 2015

As the New England Base Camp starts to come into its own, as the first ever public outdoor adventure experience “Powered by Scouting.” We have developed a series of free activities and displays throughout the Egan Center.  The displays inspire and encourage and include Famous Massachusetts Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Brain puzzles and riddles … Continue reading Scouts, What Did You Do on Your Vacation?

Scouting Is For Families Like Mine

October 2, 2015

We think this video pretty much sums up Scouting at the family level. Tell us what you think!

Merit Badge Counselors are Mentors: Simplify the Process

September 25, 2015

Over the past 105 years we recognize that certain aspects of Scouting evolved to become far more complicated than originally intended. Scouting is a community activity, and at its most basic, should not be burdened by complexities. Admittedly, the world is far more nuanced today than it was in 1910, and these modern conditions work … Continue reading Merit Badge Counselors are Mentors: Simplify the Process

The Spirit of Adventure’s Northern Network

September 25, 2015

Submitted by Dave Fitzgerald, Director of Program Over the course of the summer we listened to Scout leaders and parents share their thoughts about how to best use these three properties (Parker Mountain, T.L. Storer and Wah Tut Ca) together to craft engaging program for our youth. We came up with some great new ideas, and will … Continue reading The Spirit of Adventure’s Northern Network

Show your Spirit!

September 18, 2015

The Patch has been finalized and will be available later this fall. For those of you unfamiliar with the thought process behind the name of the council please read this email from the spring. We’ve heard all the feedback about the name 😃 (here are the responses to our name). All that being said – the name is … Continue reading Show your Spirit!