Changes to Online Registration System

  • Payment Options – Effective July 1st, National is no longer offering the option of paying for the online registrations at the Council Service Center.  All payments will be made online at the time the parent or guardian submits the online registration.


  • Adult Registrations – Effective July 1st, Adult volunteers can’t register via the online system.  Because of the Massachusetts CORI background check, we need to process and approve the adult applications locally.  We apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to do this online.  However, all adult registration paperwork may be scanned and emailed in.


  • Youth Registrations – Beginning on August 1st, all online youth registrations will be processed directly by the National Office, once the pack or troop has approved the new Scout.  The middle step of approval at the council level has been eliminated.  At this time, transfer Scouts are not able to do their registrations online.  The National Office is working on making that an online option by Spring of 2021, just in time for the next class of Arrow of Light Scouts to be able to cross over and transfer via online registration.

Also, beginning on August 1st, online registration will collect pro-rated AND the following year of fees for registration and Adventure Card fees.  It will still be important to communicate with the new families that local Pack, Troop, or Crew fees/dues will still be collected.  The full year fees collected, will be applied to the unit’s charter.  So the unit won’t be charged twice.

Be-a-Scout Pin

  • With the uncertainty of what fall recruiting will look like in the fall, all units are encouraged to make sure their Be-a-Scout pins are set with the current contact information.  Be-a-Scout is one way for non-Scout families can learn about local Scouting units to join.  Click HERE to learn more about setting and updating your Be-a-Scout pin.

Have you Registered your Arrow of Light Crossovers??

  • With the sudden shut down due to the pandemic, a large number of Arrow of Light crossovers have not been registered by their new troop yet.  Many are waiting for the physical Crossover Ceremony, others are waiting for the first in-person meeting.  Whatever the reason, you should make sure you do the registrations now, rather than waiting.  This YOUTH APPLICATION can be emailed back and forth, rather than waiting for the paper applications.

Waiting to register the new Scout with the Troop can effect their ability to work on Scouts BSA advancement, including any online merit badge classes they take, or attending the Two-weekend Scout Camp, which starts in August.  Physical Crossover Ceremonies can take place now that we are in Gear 4.

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