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Welcome to the West Wind District Page! Serving the communities of Andover, Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut, Dunstable, Lawrence, Lowell, Tewksbury, Tyngsboro, Westford, and Wilmington. West Wind is also home to the Chelmsford Cub Scout Day Camp. We are all in this together and stand ready to assist you in making Scouting thrive in all of our communities.

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Upcoming Events

Monthly Events:

Roundtable: 1st Thursday of the month at the First Congregational Church in Billerica at 7:30-9:00pm. Contact [email protected]

Eagle Boards of Review: 3rd Thursday of the month at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Chelmsford at 7:00-9:00pm. Contact [email protected]

Committee Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month via Zoom at 7:00-8:30pm. Contact [email protected]

Commissioner’s Meeting: 1st Thursday of the month the First Congregational Church in Billerica at 6:30-7:15pm. Contact [email protected]

Looking for Training? Find out about all upcoming in-person and online Adult training opportunities.

Interested in learning more about upcoming District and Council-level activities? Be sure to see our Full Council Calendar for all events!

West Wind District Committee

Name Position  email
Carrie Wetzel District Chair [email protected]
Jason Maffetore District Commissioner [email protected]
Jonathan Pleva Scout Executive [email protected]
Tom Savage Vice-Chair [email protected]
Neil Thomas Advancement Chair & Eagle Project Approval [email protected]
Don McIntosh Activities Chair [email protected]
Jennifer Heart Membership Chair [email protected]
Sean Waite Training Chair [email protected]
Jim Mallon Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner [email protected]
Richard Friesner Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner [email protected]
Elmer Lyons Scouts BSA Roundtable Commissioner [email protected]
Jan Kohnstam Leave No Trace Champion [email protected]
Judy Dedinsky Venturing Champion [email protected]
Phil Heffernan Youth Protection Champion [email protected]
Vacant Program Chair  Contact [email protected] if interested
Vacant Camping Chair  Contact [email protected] if interested
Vacant Nominating Chair  Contact [email protected] if interested
Vacant Service Chair  Contact [email protected] if interested
Vacant Health & Safety Chair  Contact [email protected] if interested
Vacant Friends of Scouting Chair  Contact [email protected] if interested
Richard Friesner Fishing Committee Chair [email protected]
George Bruno Member-at-Large [email protected]
Jerry Cross Member-at-Large [email protected]
Dan Kane Member-at-Large [email protected]
Tom Kubik Member-at-Large [email protected]
David O’Donnell Member-at-Large [email protected]
Eric Patel Member-at-Large [email protected]
Jim Shea Member-at-Large [email protected]
David St. Louis Member-at-Large [email protected]
Reid Simpson Member-at-Large [email protected]
Jeffrey Tye Member-at-Large [email protected]


West Wind Commissioners Staff

Name Position Unit(s) Served  email
Jason Maffetore District Commissioner Tewksbury: Pack 41, Troop 47, Troop 322
Andover: Pack 76, Pack 79, Troop 79
Chelmsford: Pack 70, Pack 81, Troop 74, Troop 77, Troop 81B
Westford: Pack 95, Pack 96, Pack 100, Troop 159, Troop 195, Troop 437B, Troop 437G
Dunstable: Troop 28
 [email protected]
Tom Kubik Assistant District Commissioner Chelmsford: Troop 75 [email protected]
Dave St. Onge Assistant District Commissioner Wilmington: Pack 126, Pack 136, Pack 361, Troop 126, Troop 136 [email protected]
Jim Mallon Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner All Packs [email protected]
Richard Friesner Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner All Packs [email protected]
Elmer Lyons Scouts BSA Roundtable Commissioner All Troops and Crews [email protected]
Dan Bettencourt Unit Commissioner Andover: Troop 76 [email protected]
Diane Catyb Unit Commissioner Tewksbury: Pack 49 [email protected]
Tom Catyb Unit Commissioner Tewksbury: Troop 49 [email protected]
Ned Judge Unit Commissioner Dracut: Pack 80, Troop 25 [email protected]
Judy Dedinsky Unit Commissioner Chelmsford: Crew 7, Pack 107, Troop 70, Troop 81G [email protected]
Mark Dennett Unit Commissioner Andover: Pack 73, Troop 73B, Troop 73G [email protected]
Brian Fraser Unit Commissioner Andover: Pack 77, Troop 75, Troop 77 [email protected]
Chris Ferraro Unit Commissioner Wilmington: Troop 56 [email protected]
Phil Heffernan Unit Commissioner Lowell: Troop 7B, Troop 7G [email protected]
Peter Mancuso Unit Commissioner Dracut: Crew 308, Pack 8, Troop 80 [email protected]
Mike McCluskey Unit Commissioner Chelmsford: Pack 45 [email protected]
Don McIntosh Unit Commissioner Billerica: Pack 54, Troop 11  [email protected]
Barbara Smith Unit Commissioner Dunstable: Pack 28
Tyngsboro: Troop 46
[email protected]
Sean Waite Unit Commissioner Chelmsford: Pack 107 [email protected]
Ted Wicks Unit Commissioner Billerica: Troop 55 [email protected]