Eagle Scout Scholarships

One of the great benefits of being an Eagle Scout is being eligible for Eagle Scout Scholarships.   There’s some important news about Eagle Scout Scholarships, both the National Eagle Scout Association(NESA) Scholarships and our own Spirit of Adventure Council Eagle Scout Scholarships.

1)   The scholarships are larger – The National Hall/McElwee Scholarships are now $5,000 each.   Our Spirit of Adventure Scholarships are now $1,000.

2)   THE APPLICATION DATE IS EARLIER – You must enter and complete your application(s) by OCTOBER  for the National scholarships.   You are eligible if you complete your Eagle Board of Review by October.   Don’t wait – get in your application now even if you haven’t finished your Eagle Board.   There is no penalty if you submitted scholarship applications and don’t finish your board by Oct.   You just don’t get considered this year.

3)   Application for our local scholarships is automatic when you apply for the National Eagle Scout Merit Scholarships.   If you earned your Eagle in the Boston Minuteman Council, the Yankee Clipper Council or the Spirit of Adventure Council, you will be considered.  Nothing extra is needed.

4)   The application process is on-line and is available now.   You can find the application process at www.nesa.org.

5)   There are two different types of National scholarship:  Merit and Academic.   Two different applications.   Two different ways to be considered.  You should absolutely apply for both regardless of whether you think you’re eligible.


If you are a graduating high school senior or a college student up through your junior year,  you can apply.   You earned your Eagle and you earned the right to be considered.   Good luck,  Eagle Scout.