Good We Do 2/26/21

Owen Raiche receives the National Certificate of Merit for Heroic Actions

Last night at Troop 160 Lexington’s Zoom meeting, Owen Raiche was recognized with a National Certificate of Merit.

On September 14, 2019 Life Scout Owen Raiche was attending a neighborhood association party at The Green Banana Park on Hayes Avenue in Lexington.  During the party Mrs. Cerise Keim started to choke on a piece of hamburger.  When Owen noticed Mrs. Keim was in distress, giving the universal chocking signal, Owen administered the Heimlich maneuver and helped dislodge the piece of hamburger allowing her to begin to breathe again.

Owen credits his quick response time to his Scout training.  He said, “as soon as I understood the problem I knew exactly what to do, remembering the training I went through to get First Aid merit badge, CPR/AED certification, and the Wilderness First Aid training course for Philmont.”

These are the actions we hope to never have to use but are so grateful to be able to do so when the need arises.

Congratulations Owen on a job well done!!