Membership Monday 9/28

Dear Scouting Families,
We hope you’ve been enjoying and sharing our Membership Monday blasts with your friends and family!  This week as kids are getting sick and tired of being stuck in front of computers or if they are lucky ‘in classrooms’ (when did being able to go to school qualify as lucky huh?) – we’re encouraging all Cub Scouting Packs to find a way to get outside and have fun!  We found a peppy Cub video and we’re asking you to share it with your friends and families.  This week’s Membership Monday sharable messages are below.  Please send them out via Text Messaging, on Facebook, and Via Email.  Kids really do deserve to get involved in the Scouting Program – so let’s get them Prepared to have Fun!

Text Messaging:  Our family wanted to share how Scouting can help kids to just have some good old-fashioned fun!  All of our kids have had too much screen time and Scouting is a great way to get them outdoors and actually living life!  Check out this brief video and to learn more about Scouting in INSERT YOUR TOWN area please email INSERT YOUR PACK NAME at YOUR PACK EMAIL

Facebook:   All our kids are having way too much screen time, right?  Or if they are really “Lucky” they are sitting in a classroom all day.  It is the time of year to get our kids outside!  Check out how Scouting can help your family get outside and having fun together – the good old fashion way!

To all my friends and family,

I hope you are all well.

Our family is really enjoying this time of year!  The great weather, the disconnecting from all the screen time by getting outdoors!  If you’re interesting in getting your kids unplugged and having some good old fashioned fun, check out Scouting:

If you have questions about Scouting or just want to sign up – I would suggest you reach out to your local Pack or Troop through .  You can also email INSERT YOUR LOCAL PACK CONTACT INFO if you are interested in Scouting in INSERT YOUR TOWN NAME.
We hope your child does join Scouting.  Maybe your whole family can join us in our Scouting adventure!


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