Membership – Youth & Adult Volunteer Registration

The Boy Scouts of America offers an online application process for youth and adults that can be completed from start to finish without a single piece of paper changing hands. This allows prospective members and leaders to register and pay in a way that’s convenient for them, and it creates a more efficient and user-friendly registration experience for units.

The Unit Key 3 includes:

  • Chartered Organization Representative (COR)
  • Committee Chair
  • Top Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Skipper, or Advisor)

Unit can also assign up to 3 individuals to be Key 3 Delegates.


Youth and adults can register online at

Adults must complete Youth Protection Training prior to being registered and will also need to complete a CORI form HERE.

Online Registration FAQs

Who can submit an online application?

Online applications can be submitted for new, returning or transferring Scouts. This includes out-of-council transfers within the United States.

Who can review and approve online applications?

Youth: online youth applications can be approved by the unit Key 3.


Here is the order in which an adult applicant should follow:

  1. Complete youth protection training
  2. Complete the online SoA CORI form and upload their ID at this secure link
  3. Forward confirmation email received (upon completion of the SoA CORI form) to the committee chair
  4. Complete the online application

Unit steps after the applicant completes the above steps.

The committee chair needs to do:

  1. Under application notes - note the position the adult should be registered in.
  2. Under application notes - confirm that the adult has done the online SoA CORI form and provided a copy of the ID.
  3. Select Recommend in application manager (this should only be done when steps 1 and 2 have been completed).

After the above steps are completed then the CoR (or CoR delegate) will have to assign the position and approve the application.

We will not be notifying units when a CORI result has been received, so as long as the applicant and committee chair have followed the above steps, the CoR can accept the online application.

If we do not receive the SoA CORI and ID and the application is accepted, the applicant will be suspended until such time that we receive the SoA CORI and ID and have received the results.

If we receive a negative result on a CORI resulting in the adult not being able to be registered the appropriate unit leaders will be notified.

NOTE: To assign the positions of unit leader (cubmaster, scoutmaster, etc) or committee chair there cannot currently be anyone listed in those positions.

If the online application is for one of these positions the CoR can move the previous person out prior to accepting the online application (and then wait 24 hours) or they can accept the online applicant in a different position and 24 hours after accepting, it do the necessary position changes (see attached instructions)

How can I approve a pending online application?

Pending online applications can be found under the application manager.

To access application manager, the unit Key 3 will need to log on to (from the Main Menu: Select Unit; Select Application Manager; Select the application; Review and Accept).

Once an online application is approved, how long will it take for that Scout to appear in Scoutbook?

Once an online application is approved/processed, the system will automatically add the member to Scoutbook. The system is designed to sync the new member to Scoutbook and within 24-48hrs.

To avoid errors, the unit should not manually add new members to Scoutbook’s advancement record-keeping system.

How can official unit roster be downloaded?

The unit Key 3 can download an official unit roster by logging into their (select Menu; select  Unit; select Roster; select Download).

Anyone missing in the official unit roster is not registered and will need to complete an online application. Recently approved online applications will take 24-48hrs to sync the new member to the unit roster.

What should I do if I received an error message when registering online?

If you are trying to register a youth and have received an error message, please contact [email protected].

Changing positions online?

No paperwork required - can be done online by the Chartered Org Rep.

The Chartered Org Rep logs into their account

  • From MENU selects the unit
  • Selects POSITION MANAGER (on the left)

Clicks on an individual and moves them to their new role; if no longer with the unit, then I would recommend Unit Scouter Reserve

NOTE: If changing unit leaders (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster) or Committee Chair they must be moved to new role first and then the person who is going to become the new unit leader or committee chair can be moved into that role.

  • Scroll down and select SAVE

The system will display a success message along with a reminder of it taking 24 hours for the change to take effect.

Did you know that there are different ways to register online?


1. is another way families can register online by utilizing the Apply Now button located in the unit pin! The unit Key 3 can activate or deactivate the Apply Now button from their (select Menu; Organization Manager; Unit Pin; Select Allow People to Apply Online – Save Changes.)

The unit can also choose to send an Application Invite from their account (Invitation Manager) to someone who has requested more information about your unit while visiting Each application invite has a specific URL that will allow families to register online. (Invitation Manager Tutorial Videos)




2. The unit leaders may choose to share a unique URL or QR code with families who would like to register online.

The QR code is scannable – simply hold a phone’s camera up to the QR Code & it will take applicants to your unit’s online registration link. These links are specific and unique for each unit. Your unit’s QR CODE and online registration URL Link can be found in Invitation Manager in (select Menu; select unit; select Invitation Manager; the QR Code and URL are at the center of the page.) Just copy, paste the QR code and share with families that are ready to apply.

What if I don't know my user name or password?

Select FORGOT USERNAME/PASSWORD.   You will need to know either your member ID or email associated with the account to recover your username.  You will need to know your username to recover your password.  When recovering your username, if it finds an account that may be yours, it will show on the next screen.  If there is more than one, select the one that is yours and select RETRIEVE SELECTED ACCOUNT.   On the next screen, you will be asked security questions, or you can choose personal information.  Answer the questions and if there is an account, you will receive your username.