Merit Badge Counselor Changes

As was announced on October 7th, effective Monday, February 1, the position of Merit Badge Counselor will no longer be listed on Unit Rosters.  The connections between the Merit Badge Counselor and the Scout will also be removed.  Merit Badge Counselors can continue to work with Scouts while we continue to enter those positions into the National Database for sync to Scoutbook.

Anyone with “Edit Advancement” can add the completed requirements to a Scout’s advancement.  The ability to “Edit Advancement” can be added by a Unit Admin in the Connections Manager.

If you have Merit Badge Counselors listed in Scoutbook, and have not yet sent that list to Marian McQuaid ([email protected]), you need to do so immediately.  That list will not be available to you on Monday February 1.

You can also send a homemade list.  Please allow for up to 2 weeks to see the changes made.