Parents + Day Camp = Quality Family Memories

Submitted by Brice Pearce, Cub Scout Camping Advisor

Just a few years ago, back in 2012, I began to work with Day Camp for the first time. Initially, I thought it would be just like Boy Scout resident camping, only the days would be shorter. Boy, was I both right and wrong…

Not having children myself, I must admit I wasn’t sure what to expect of the parent/youth interaction… You don’t see a ton of this at Boy Scout resident camp, and, at an older age, you are definitely encouraging more independence from the youth.

What I have observed over the last few years focusing on Cub Scout programming has been truly amazing, and life-changing for many families.

I have watched several parents become amazing Cub Scout leaders, simply because they came to a camping event with their scout and had a good time. I have seen children gain confidence while learning new skills with their parents, and the parents smile as they see this happen. I have seen parents gain new skills, without realizing it, and then develop those skills into new passions. And, I have seen parents discover, some for the very first time, how to simply play with their child. This is totally in-line with what is expressed in a recent article in the Boston Parents Paper (“Learning Beyond Class”), looking at the instructive value of play when choosing extracurricular activities that focus on the acquisition of “skills that can be acquired through participation, practice, and performance.”

When people ask me what the value of Cub Scouting, is, I give an answer that I don’t hear expressed very often:
By spending time with your child in Scouting, and allowing them to see you have fun learning new things alongside of them, you are creating a bond that you could not pay for later in life.

So, as you think about Day Camp this summer, and are making those decisions around dollars and cents, schedules, daycare, and tax write-offs, think about the investment that you need to make in your child’s life.

When you register your children for Day Camp this summer, why not take some of your vacation time to come play with them, and spend a few days smiling together?


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