Pondering the Perplexing Puzzle Piece…

Submitted by Sam Plouffe, Council Program Director

Puzzles. We all remember doing them as kids, and the alternating frustration of finding and fitting together the correct pieces coupled with the immense satisfaction of completing the picture. Maybe your family was like mine and even spent time working on puzzles together.

This is a great metaphor for modern-day family life as well: sports, dance lessons, karate, school trips, performances, and other community activities all combine to make it difficult for us to simply find time to eat a meal at home together, much less spend time bonding as a family.

Last week, all registered Cub Scout families should have received a piece of mail from the Spirit of Adventure Council which included several puzzle pieces. You might have noticed that your son’s puzzle had an extra, special piece! Perhaps you’ve been pondering this perplexing piece…

Bring the “magic” puzzle piece to camp on the first day to receive your bonus starter kit: a spiffy special collector’s tee shirt with +2 Awesome!

“But, I already recycled that mailer…” you say? Never fear: Steve and Alex will also have starter kits for boys and girls who bring in a drawing of what they think their own Map To Adventure should look like! Go into Creative Mode, and show us what you’ve got!

Oh, and ANYONE reading this far down into the blog is entitled to our early bird rate of $225/child until May 15th! Just go to https://scoutspirit.org/Summer-Camping for details and registration links, then use the discount code #Puzzle at checkout

Take the time to puzzle with your family and engage with Minecraft in the outdoors! Connect with the conversation in these channels:

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