STEM Program Development

Spirit of Adventure has been selected to help develop STEM programs for middle-school age youth!

Remember that science teacher you had in elementary school that really made it all come alive for you? He or she had those awesome experiments that you couldn’t stop thinking about even after leaving school…maybe it was making ice cream in a #10 can, or growing mold on bread in your closet, or planting things and observing their growth. And, you know that you think about that teacher every time you pass along that knowledge to your Scouts (perhaps even using the same experiment they did with you).

We’re seeking Scout Leaders who teach STEM skills to Scouts to participate in a 90-minute focus group about the needs, expectations, interests, and challenges of mentors. This information will be used to guide the development of an innovative suite of digital tools aimed at improving mentors’ communication with middle school-aged youth. During the focus group we’ll be discussing topics such as the steps Scouts or other youth need to take to enter STEM-related careers, how mentors communicate with middle-school aged youth, why people choose to become mentors, and challenges that mentors face.

Those selected to participate will earn a FREE WEEK at either of our STEM Camps for your child, or for a Scout of your choosing.

If you are a Scout leader who teaches any STEM related merit badge or skills, and are interested in participating and sharing your experiences with us, please email Darrin Johnson (and pass along to other Scout leaders who teach STEM skills).

For now, possible dates are:

11/14, Saturday
11/16, Monday
11/19, Thursday
11/20, Friday

We have some flexibility regarding times (and even dates) but first we’d like to gauge interest in helping with this process.

The study is conducted in cooperation with WGBH and will be held at their headquarters at One Guest Street, Boston, MA 02135

Thanks for your interest and participation – it’s because of you that our youth have awesome program, and aspire to do great things!