The Spirit of Adventure’s Northern Network

Submitted by Dave Fitzgerald, Director of Program

Over the course of the summer we listened to Scout leaders and parents share their thoughts about how to best use these three properties (Parker Mountain, T.L. Storer and Wah Tut Ca) together to craft engaging program for our youth. We came up with some great new ideas, and will be making a serious investment into our Northern Network’s programs and facilities over the next few years.

The first improvements will be:

  • adding more boats and water park features to Wah Tut Ca
  •  improving and expanding the COPE course at Storer

To satisfy your anticipation, the dates of operation for for the 2016 season are as follows:

  • Week One – July 3-9
  • Week Two – July 10-16
  • Week Three – July 17-23
  • Week Four – July 24-30
  • Week Five – July 31- August 6

To most efficiently utilize our facilities, we will be moving the Boy Scout specialty weeks such as Eagle Week and NYLT to T.L. Storer. With the addition of the NYLT and Eagle courses, T.L. Storer will operate for five weeks this coming season, and Wah Tut Ca will operate concurrently.

Both the Cub Scout camping committee, led by Tim Conway, and the Boy Scout camping task force, led by Mike Bryant, are currently working on the specifics for new programs details for 2016.

There will be more details in the future, so be sure to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our email list. The future for our camps is bright. We are so excited to show that we are going to be a force to be reckoned with in Boy Scout Camping and the northern destination for Cub camping!

See you at Camp!