Volunteer Resource Groups

Volunteer Resource Groups 

Scouting is families working together to help raise each other’s kids. The curriculum is the books, what the parents and leaders do with the lessons and activities is their unique program. Each unique program is a reflection of the values held by that community of families and their charter organization. The Scouting organization provides the curriculum and the resources to ensure each community can deliver their full and robust program.

Special Needs in Scouting: Join the Group! 

LGBTQ+ in Scouting: Join the Group!
Multi-cultural VRG: Join the Group!
Women in Scouting and the outdoors: Join the Group!

If you are interested in helping Scouting and providing the character education opportunities, Please consider joining these groups. VRGs are intended to be dynamic. Others groups my evolve and be created, or some groups may dissolve as interests and needs evolve. In many ways these groups will function as districts in the classic sense, in that they are volunteer affinity groups that provide a level of service and identity while informing the governance of the organization. Districts are essentially VRGs based on geography, these are based on identity. People are encouraged to participate in as many districts or VRGs as they choose.

As the curriculum and resources provider, we seek to build and support a diverse community of people who come from and interact with folks from every community we serve. Every person who participates has a right to expect an environment that is welcoming and values the richness of their lives and experience.

We believe the BSA curriculums (Cub Scouting and Scouting) have un-paralleled community parenting and character education value. We encourage and support all communities to work together while using this curriculum to help raise each other’s children. It is our intent to unlock the value of the Scouting for every family that wishes to raise children of character. To that end, each child will be the benefits of the best each family has to offer.

Scouting develops character in children and young adults – giving them the strength to do what they individually believe is right when faced with life situations. We understand that individuals and diverse communities utilize the Scouting curriculum may see the world differently, and through varying lenses. We believe mature, articulate and respectful conflict is part of personal growth and required for citizenship. The common ground is for all our members to do their best to adhere to Scout Law – to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.


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