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When we listen to Boy Scout leaders it’s clear that for 10 months a year they take pride in their outdoor self sufficiency. An average Troop simply needs a few acres of wooded green space and the SPL and the SM will develop the program from there. Most commonly we hear about “Iron Chef” competitions, building snow shelters, hikes, and other outdoor activities to prepare for camp-o-rees or Klondikes derbies.

Our camps in Scouting reflect that need and that service. Camp Sayre, Lone Tree, Wah Tut Ca, Storer and Parker Mountain all provide basic weekend camping opportunities between September and June. Campsites and cabins are inexpensive and the program development and services at these camps are minimal. Troops also like to branch out and explore other Scout camps and often find unique exciting features.

Through all that self sufficiency and all the outdoor skills that our Scout Masters and leaders exhibit month in and month out, we also recognize more and more troops don’t go much beyond “car camping” and high adventure is something we often “outsource.” Older Scouts often express mild frustration in their troops ability to expand their outdoor horizons beyond typical weekend camping trip. Troops sometimes add a white water adventure, or a trip to Rock Spot to help expand those horizons.

Expanding your Troop Horizons
This is where the collective resources of the council can provide additional value.
Summer Camp and the Northern NeXus! 
By connecting all three of our Northern NH properties we have created up 30,000 acres of adventure than none of the individual properties could attain on their own. Now Scouts can enjoy everything from mountain top experiences, to vertical caving, to water park style activities and unique boating, horseback riding, and back packing!
Patrol Leaders Council and Leadership Opportunities
It’s clear that every troop wants to expand and empower their youth leaders. We provide a suite of programs throughout the year to help youth leaders expand their skills and send them back to the troop enthusiastic and motivated.
Every Weekend at the New England Base Camp, ScoutMasters enjoy the added support and patience required to help patrol leaders expand their skills and practice leadership. For the very adventurous older Scout or Venturer there are Specialty Programs for extreme activities like Ice climbing, rock climbing, weekend COPE, staff opportunities and much more.
Every Summer through NYLT, Brownsea and Summer camp staff opportunities older Scouts can expand and develop their skills to better serve in leadership roles for the coming year.

Contact Us
Our Scout Representatives are happy to meet with Your Patrol Leaders Council or your Troop Committee to help develop your annual plan and get the most out of the council resources. Click HERE to set up a meeting!