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Camping is the cornerstone of all Scout Programs, and one of the primary reasons councils exist. Spirit of Adventure has listened to our unit leaders and re-tooled our camp properties to best suit the needs of our Troops, Packs and Crews.

Packs – The Annual Pack Outdoor Calendar
A typical pack has 2 -3 overnight experiences each year. Often one or two of those experiences are held at family attractions like the USS Salem, Museum of Science, Lowell Spinners or the Pawtucket Red Sox. Those are always fun and typically attract great participation from the Pack and all the family members.
Often the second or third trip is a family campout. These are also very fun and exciting but often attract less participation from the Pack families due to the logistical concerns. Packs often site family members concerned about showers, cooking for dozens and dozens of people and of course – once we are out there “what do we do?”
In addition to the over nights, Packs typically have a few one day activities – a hike, a parade, a service project etc.
Based on the Cub Scout Adventures we anticipate more and more need for Packs to camp or provide quality outdoor program. Additionally, it’s in everyone’s best interest to have the highest number of participants at all Scout programs (especially camping) as each happy camper = happy Scout and happy family!

Two Year Round Camps – Two Ways to Camp
Spirit of Adventure has two local campgrounds with two distinct advantages

Lone Tree is located in Kingston NH. It is available every weekend and has cabins and campsites. It’s a beautiful space with a great pond and a sports field. The program delivery at Lone Tree is dependent upon the parents in the pack. Like all weekend Boy Scout properties, it is a “do it yourself camp.” Therefore, it’s up to the parents in the pack bring the fishing poles and the fishing skill, so the boys can bait the hooks and go fishing (A Bear Goes Fishing). Or it’s up to the parents to bring the maps, compasses and GPS to teach land navigation (A Wolf finding his way).

Camp Sayre in Milton MA has the New England Base Camp attached to it and through New England base Camp is a Full Service Camp. This location provides lifeguards, archery instructor’s, BB range instructors, Native American activities, Scout Craft, Science programs, outdoor cooking a full complement of equipment, as well as short-burst-intense-training for parents every weekend, as well as modern bathroom facilities. The easiest (year round!) place a wolf to take his Spirit of the Water Adventure!

When making your Pack’s annual plan, think about a couple of outdoor adventure trips. Most commonly packs have an overnight trip in the fall and another trip in the spring. With the new requirements we anticipate packs camping more often.

We recommend a carefully planned annual program with several camping and outdoor activities. Most commonly a pack with a robust camping program benefits from a ratio of 2:1 Lone Tree (DIY) to Sayre (Full Service) visits.

The New England Base Camp at Camp Sayre (Full Service)
The full service trip to Sayre, using Base Camp is great for brand-new families, never been in the outdoors before, or experienced Cub leaders learning new skills and setting the bar higher. In addition to great program it provides wonderful parent engagement opportunities. Those parents sitting on the sideline will more easily fall in love with Scouting, so the pack can engage those parents and families in future activities.

Lone Tree – Do it Yourself (separate page coming soon)
Do it yourself at Lone Tree is where the pack really shines. More parents, more engagement and more comfort in the outdoors. Now your pack is ready! To deliver the program your scouts and siblings look forward to on your own! “My dad taught me how to use a compass, whittle, and light a fire!”

Your Pack’s Annual Outdoor Adventure’s Plan
Cub Packs, of course, come in all shapes and sizes with different ability levels. Sometimes they find one trip to New England Base Camp for every three trips to Lone Tree (or other DIY outdoor programs) others Packs are completely reversed.

We would be happy to meet with your pack leadership to help develop your annual plan. Our Scouting representatives are well versed in the Cub Scout Adventures and the properties and programs across New England. They often know about special Scout deals for programs at attractions like Museum of Science or the Ecotarioum as well as all the programs offered through Spirit of Adventure Council. Contact us HERE to set up an annual planning conference.

Directions and Traffic
We recognize the traffic headaches for folks living north of Boston on their way to the New England Base Camp, and those living south when travelling to Lone Tree. Most commonly packs show up Saturday morning – no traffic. The Camp check-in begins as early as 7 AM and at New England Base Camp program opens at 10AM. Sometimes packs stay overnight, other times the program is best as a day activity and scouts go home Saturday night.

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Camp Sayre can be used as a “do it yourself” camp. But we don’t recommend it for that purpose if you live north of Boston.