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What the Adventure Card Can Do For Your Unit

Submitted by Jeff Reynolds, Scoutmaster Troop 58 Danvers. If you are like me, you wear many hats.  I work a lot, and that includes more travel than I care to admit to.  I have a wife and daughter whose idea of camping is a budget hotel, making full integration of Scouting for the family unit

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Merit Badge Counselors are Mentors: Simplify the Process

The Advancement Committee has approved a unique idea and provided a guideline for all Scoutmasters for merit badge crowd sourcing. Check out the new procedure here.

Find the Merit Badge Counselor sheet here.

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New Eagle Scout Recognition Process

One of the greatest moments in the Eagle Scout process is the Court of Honor. This is the event that celebrates your success with those who helped you and the rest of the community. We’d like to share some advice that may help make your special event even a little more special.  Please use this as a guide to help the community celebrate and learn more about Eagle Opportunities.

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The Value of Camp Staff

November 26, 2015

Submitted by Darrin Johnson, General Manager New England Base Camp One of my fondest memories within Scouting was when we arrived at Worth Ranch in Palo Pinto, Texas, in the summer of ’87.  It was not my first summer camp experience, it would be the most influential though.  It was Father’s Day, it was about 100 … Continue reading The Value of Camp Staff


November 23, 2015

Submitted by Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive and CEO It’s far more than a hash tag: it’s the mission of our Council. I’d even say it’s the mission of every Council. We spent a lot of time during the merger process discussing possibilities, opportunities, and how we might create an entirely new entity devoted to the idea … Continue reading #ScoutingTHRIVES

Community and Council: Local becomes Legendary

November 20, 2015

Like any new entity, The Spirit of Adventure Council experiences new milestones each day as it matures and adapts. The release of the council shoulder patch (CSP) is the most recent of these! Way back in the summer, we asked Scouts to draw and submit patch ideas, the marketing committee reviewed the designs and ultimately choose … Continue reading Community and Council: Local becomes Legendary

Allagash or Bust!

November 13, 2015

Submitted by Nicole Conte, Crew 345 President, Lone Tree Staff Member Only days after all but two of our members graduated from high school, we set out for Allagash Maine, or as we like to call it, “Almost Canada.”  The trip began early Sunday morning.  We gathered together, clad in traffic-cone orange Crew 345 T-shirts … Continue reading Allagash or Bust!

“Un juego con un propósito …”

November 6, 2015

Enviado por Francisco Guzmán, Cubmaster, Pack 109, Chelsea Después de una breve conversación con Chuck el otro día, me sentí obligado a poner mis pensamientos por escrito. Espero que esto anime a otros a recordar el impacto que tiene nuestro programa al aire libre en los jóvenes. Cada año, durante la última semana de septiembre, … Continue reading “Un juego con un propósito …”

“A Game with a Purpose…”

November 6, 2015

Submitted by Francisco Guzman, Cubmaster, Pack 109, Chelsea After a quick conversation with Chuck the other day, I felt compelled to put my thoughts in writing. I hope this will encourage others to remember the impact that our Outdoors program has on youth. Every year, during the last weekend in September, our Cub Scout pack goes … Continue reading “A Game with a Purpose…”

Ivy League Learning: Boy Scout Style

October 30, 2015

Submitted by Paul Gendreau, West Wind Senior District Executive The hallowed halls of Harvard University will once again provide the setting for the 2016  Merit Badge University. The program, a community service project of the Harvard College Friends of Scouting, will be offered for the 16th time this spring. Here, scouts will have the opportunity … Continue reading Ivy League Learning: Boy Scout Style

Engaging and Empowering Leaders Through Training

October 30, 2015

Submitted by Darrin Johnson, General Manager at New England Base Camp When I was told that I would be writing this piece, I decided that I was going to have a little fun with it. I asked a group of Scouts to answer one simple little question, “If you can do anything with your Scout group, what … Continue reading Engaging and Empowering Leaders Through Training

Showcasing the Value of Scouting in Underserved Communities

October 23, 2015

Submitted by Komba Lamina, Beacon of Freedom District Executive A few weeks ago, we blogged about the decline in bowling clubs and how it relates to trends across America with far fewer people joining organized groups. The piece also mentioned that even though there are fewer bowling clubs, the number of people bowling has actually increased. … Continue reading Showcasing the Value of Scouting in Underserved Communities