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After a year of being cooped up inside, it’s time to escape the indoors and help families discover Scouting!  Together, let’s get back outside!  Back to fun, family, and friends!  Back to helping young people become the best future versions of themselves.  We’re all ready to put down our screens (even if just for a few moments) to experience “real”.  Real nature, real friendships, real excitement!  It’s time to help families discover Scouting!  Here are resources to find and engage interested families. 

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  1. You can still make use of our Legacy System for ordering flyers.  This system results in Printed flyers and a Digital copy – the flyers are based on generic BSA images for recruiting.  Generic Flyers are available to be picked up at the Woburn Council office or at New England Base Camp in Milton once they are complete.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER GENERIC FLYERS

As always – if you have any questions regarding these important dates or any other Scouting related matter, please feel free to contact George O'Loughlin


Scouts BSA Yard Sign

Lawn Signs and Blank Flyers are available at the Woburn Service Center and at New England Base Camp in Milton.

Questions? Contact George O'Loughlin, Membership Campaign Manager

Unit Pin Information        

The important people to resolve Unit Pin issues are the Key 3 or the Key 3 Delegates.  The Key 3 consists of: Unit Leader, Committee Chair and Chartered Organization Representative.

If your unit is not showing up in BeAScout.org, follow these steps:

  • Log into My.Scouting.Org   My Scouting
  • From MENU (top left) select the unit
  • Select UNIT PIN
  • Click on the slider APPEAR ON BEASCOUT
  • Confirm the CONTACT PERSON and email address
  • Update any information in the box “Additional Unit Information”
  • Scroll down and verify the LOCATION
  • Once everything has been verified and update, scroll down and click SAVE

REMEMBER: It takes at least 24 hrs for changes to show up in BEASCOUT

If the changes don’t show up in that time frame, please reach out to Marian McQuaid at [email protected] or Denise Ellen at [email protected]


Organization Manager

This part of My.Scouting.org has a great deal of information.

SETTINGS:  Scroll down to edit the emails sent out during the online registration process.

ROSTER: You can print the roster. To print Membership Cards, and Person History (this is called Unit Advancement Details Report), click on the names, then PRINT. Pick what to print.

TRANSFER IN: In order to transfer in a Scout from another unit, you MUST have the Scout’s Member ID, correct first name, last name and their date of birth.  When asked for a unit number, it MUST be a 4 digit number (0010 vs 10). All transfers must be accepted by the unit.  They will show up on the roster in My.Scouting in 24 hours.  The change will appear in Scoutbook in an additional 24-48 hrs.  PLEASE be patient.  If the Scout doesn’t appear in this time frame, please reach out to Marian McQuaid at [email protected] or Denise Ellen at [email protected]

POSITION MANAGER: Any functional positions must be reset after the charter is renewed and gone thru final processing. If you are a Key 3 member, you should  NOT be a Key 3 Delegate.  The position of Key 3 Delegate allows a Key 3 member to delegate (give) another person the same abilities that they have. This makes the delegate a back up to the Key 3 person.

Options for transferring youth within the council

Option 1:

Parent does the transfer.

Parent logs into my.scouting.org, from MENU selects MY APPLICATION

Selects the youth they want to transfer.  Selects UNIT TYPE, enters UNIT NUMBER (must be a 4-digit number i.e., 0010), SEARCH.  From the search results, select the unit you want to transfer the child to.  After the parent has completed this process, one of the Key 3 of the unit they are transferring into will need to accept the online application.

Option 2:

Unit transferring from does the transfer.

One of the Key 3 of the unit the youth is transferring from logs into my.scouting.org   From MENU select the UNIT, select ROSTER.  Select the youth that are transferring (can only transfer to one unit at a time).  Clicks on TRANSFER (just above roster).  This screen will show the names that were selected.  Select UNIT TYPE for unit they are transferring to enter UNIT NUMBER (must be a 4-digit number i.e., 0010), SEARCH.  From the search results select the unit they are transferring to.  After this unit they are transferring from has completed the process, one of the Key 3 of the unit they are transferring into will need to accept the online application.

 Option 3:

Unit they are transferring into does the transfer.

This requires the unit have the following information:

  1. Youth Member ID
  2. Youth First Name
  3. Youth Last Name
  4. Youth Date of Birth

 One of the Key 3 of the unit the youth is transferring into logs into my.scouting.org From MENU select the UNIT, select ROSTER.  Select TRANSFER IN (left side of roster).  Enters the required information.  SEARCH (if the system does not find the youth, then it means that the information provided for the search does not match with how they are registered).  You will get a warning once you have found the youth that matches the criteria (confirm that you are transferring the correct youth from the correct unit).  If it is the correct youth select TRANSFER, if you determine it is not the correct youth select CANCEL.

Option 4:

Paper application – Parent completes the current application.  Youth and parent information must be complete.  Requires parent signature and signature of one of the Key 3.  All signatures must be either a wet signature or a digitally verified signature.

If you have any issues with transferring, contact [email protected] or [email protected]


Please note that the above fee chart does not include the $48 per Scout Adventure Card Fee. Feel free to use our handy fee calculator for the most accurate information. Fee Calculator

Online Registration Info

UNIT KEY 3's: Instructions for accepting online youth applications:

  • Logon to your my.scouting.org account (this is the same site that you take youth protection training)
  •  Click on MENU
  • Select the unit that you want to accept online applications for.
  • Select YOUTH (in the middle of the screen)
  • Click on one of the youth’s names
  • Select ACCEPT (this will move it to Pending payment for the council to process)
  • Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each youth that you want to accept.
    The council will process the youth applications listed under pending payment usually within a few days.

In order to accept girls, the pack must “Opt-In.”  To do so:

  • One of the Key 3 must login into My.Scouting.org
  • From MENU select the UNIT you want to update
  • Once in organization manager select the SETTINGS tab scroll all the way down
  • Family Scouting select OPT-IN
  • Family Scouting Effective Date – enter a date if, it isn’t populated
  • Unit Can Accept – your choices are Boys Only, Girls Only or Both Boys and Girls
  • After making your choice you must click on COMMIT

As a reminder, before opting-in, your Pack members must have had a conversation with your Charter Organization and you must agree that the Pack indeed is a Family Pack.

Managing BeAScout.org Listing
  1. If your Pack has Opt-ed-In as a "Family Scouting" Pack, this will be reflected in BeAScout.org when someone looks up units in their area. To Opt-In to "Family Scouting" read the instructions on this page.
  2. To set up BeAScout.org to display and link to the Online Application for your Pack, (we recommend doing this), you must log in as one of the Unit Key 3 and follow these instructions:
  • Select BeAScout
  • Under Pin Management tab you should see an option just below unit description called APPLY STATUS.
  • Change the apply status to ACTIVE
  • Scroll all the way down and select SAVE
  • After making this change it will take at least 24 hours to see the change in BeAScout.org

Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA are encouraged to hold events, parties, ice cream socials, etc. where they invite a friend to join them and give their friends a taste of Scouting!

Interested in starting a female troop or learning more about it?  Here's what you need to know about who you need to recruit and when. Please click the link above.


Looking for images, logos, signage and more? Check out the BSA Brand Center for the latest in 2021 customizable recruitment materials. Download, print and go!


One of the best ways to reach families today is through social media. For many of us, the hard part is determining what and when to post. Here’s a social calendar and assets to help you get started. Feel free to customize them for your needs!


Join volunteers from across the country for a national recruitment kick-off!  As we build momentum toward fall recruitment, and an exciting year of Scouting, hear national level volunteers talk about effective ways to invite families to join!  From resources to best methods, you’ll gain ideas to help you welcome families into Scouting!  Tuesday, July 27 at 7:30pm Eastern / 6:30pm Central.