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Great Blue Hill

Please contact Fran Campion for any questions regarding District activities or events. 

Welcome to the Great Blue Hill District Page!

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Leader Resources

Upcoming Events

Roundtable: 2nd Tuesday of the month virtual at 7:30-9:00pm. Contact Jeff Anderson

Upcoming Trainings

Geographic District Committee


Name Position  eMail
 Fran Campion District Chair [email protected]
 Jeff Anderson District Commissioner [email protected]
Nick Kerpan Training Chair [email protected]
Jim Solomon Activities Chair
George Wardle Membership Chair [email protected]
Bob Wanamaker Advancement Chair & Eagle Project Approval [email protected]
Eagle Board
Marian McQuaid  Special Needs and Disability Chair  [email protected]
Camp Promotion – Cub Scout
Friends of Scouting Chair
Nominating Chair
Ron Gauld Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner  [email protected]
 George Wardle Roundtable Commissioner-Cub Scout [email protected]

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