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Flintlock District

Please contact Peter Ricci for any questions regarding District activities or events. 

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Leader Resources

Upcoming Events


Monthly Events: 

Roundtable Meeting: 2nd Wednesday of the month - 7pm - Marshall Simonds Middle School

Committee Meeting: 1st Wednesday of the month at the Bedford American Legion 7:30-9:00pm. Contact Peter Ricci

Eagle Boards of Review:  Normally, the 1st Monday of the month at St. Theresa's Parish in N. Reading at 7:00-8:30pm and the 3rd Thursday of the month at St. Brigid's Parish in Lexington at 7:30-9:00pm.  Contact [email protected]

Flintlock District Committee

If contact information for a particular District Volunteer is not listed, please reach out to Spirit of Adventure Council for individual information.

Peter Ricci District Chair [email protected]
Allan Coady District Vice Chair [email protected]
Kenneth Fung District Commissioner [email protected]
Charles Hatvany Assistant District Commissioner [email protected]
Jonathan Pleva Director of Field Service [email protected]
George O'Loughlin Unit Serving Executive [email protected]
Jessica Belyea Member-at-Large [email protected]
Allan Coady Adult Awards [email protected]
Activities and Civic Service
Jan Gunther Membership [email protected]
Charles Hatvany Training & Member-at-Large [email protected]
Cheryl Kline Eagle Processing [email protected]
Joshua Kline Eagle Processing [email protected]
Scouts BSA Round Table Commissioner
Mark Pothier Member-at-Large [email protected]
Joshua Kline Advancement & Eagle Projects [email protected]
Douglas Tenney Member-at-Large [email protected]
Gail Tenney Social Media [email protected]


Flintlock District Unit Commissioners

Commissioner Units Email
Ken Fung District Commissioner [email protected]
Charles Hatvany Assistant District Commissioner [email protected]
Charles Hatvany Lex P137,P160,T10,T160,Sto P540 [email protected]
Charles Hatvany Wob P519,T519,C357 [email protected]
Sue Ellen Briggs Lex T119B,T119G [email protected]
Joe Doyle Win P507,T503,T507B,T507G [email protected]
John Galvin Rea P702,T702B,T702G [email protected]
Steve Gousie Rea P733,P735,T728 [email protected]
Brian Grace Wob P502,T502B,T502G,C502 [email protected]
Bernie Gunther Lex C1775 [email protected]
Mike Kilkelly Wak P712,P722,T701B,T701G [email protected]
Mark Maurice Bed P194,T114,T194 [email protected]
David Owen Con P133,P147,P149,T132 [email protected]
Gail Tenney N, Rea P731,T750,C921 [email protected]
Steve Warren Bur P105,P555, T103B, T103G, T511B, T511G, C1799 [email protected] 


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