• Aug. 28: Unit Orders Due for Show & Sell
  • Sept. 13: Home Delivery for qualifying
  • Sept. 14: Popcorn Distribution
  • Nov 2: Popcorn Take Orders Due
  • Nov. 2: Return Day (Product cannot be
    returned after this date)
  • Nov. 2: Show & Sell Popcorn Payment
  • Nov. 15: Home Delivery for qualifying
  • Nov. 16: Popcorn Distribution
  • Dec 7: Final Popcorn Payments Due

2019 Trails End Popcorn Sale

Fund an Adventure for your Pack, Troop, Crew, or Post with the "one-and-done" annual Trails End Popcorn Sale.

For over 35 years, Trail's End has been in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America, and our mission has always been the same: to help local Scout Units (packs, troops, crews, posts or ships) and their councils raise the money needed to fund programs and activities throughout the year. Scouts and their families are responsible for raising money for their units, so your purchase directly helps them earn the funds they need to participate in scouting adventures. As we’ve seen over the past three decades, adventures in scouting build character and leadership, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Raise More Money in Less Time with Less Effort By Selling Online!


Selling popcorn gives your Scouts the ability to pay their own way in Scouting. Profits from the sale go back to your unit to pay for summer camp and other special events. Now, with the online sale, your Scout can sell year-round either with their unit or independently!

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