Internet Advancement 2.0 Coming Soon 

Advancement Reports from Scoutbook and Internet Advancement accepted at Scout Shops

The Scoutbook database is the official record of advancement for the Boy Scouts of America.

Most units in our council have been set up in Scoutbook to track advancements and to print reports when ordering badges and patches from the Scout Shop. If your unit is not set up but would like to be, please contact Marian McQuaid.

For those units who do not want or require the full services that Scoutbook offers, “Scoutbook Lite” has been re-branded as “Internet Advancement 2.0.”

This will be an upgrade to the current Internet Advancement as a simpler, faster, and more slick interface. You will be able to find links to it on in Legacy Web Tools as well as Two weeks after Internet Advancement 2.0 launches the old version will become obsolete.

It will also sync with the national database, ScoutNet, and still be able to accept data imports from 3rd party services. Scoutbook will continue  to serve as the ‘fully featured’ unit management application.

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