Tribute Giving

Tribute Giving

A Tribute to the Heroic and Unsung Scouts and Scouters


Gone Home
In the Scouting community, we honor, grieve and share the news of a long-time scout leader in the tradition of Lord Baden Powell and Lady Olive Baden Powell by using the trail symbol for "gone home."  Baden Powell has the symbol on his grave, it is a gentle reminder of our humanity and humility.

When a scout leader, who lived a long vibrant life, helped hundreds of Scouts and families, and earned the role of a leader in the community finally passes, we celebrate all the meaning and value they brought to each of us. In fact, in many ways, that's how Scouting remembers our heroes who have passed. We each live out the best qualities we gained from their generosity. Our camps are rich with their legacies.

Check out the Social media Picture to the right! 4,120 hours! That’s almost about 1,000 hours a year, or about 9% of that leader’s time. These are the people who deliver the Scouting program.

What do they get for their dedication? “Scouter’s Pay” is the satisfaction of seeing a Scout gain mastery of a skill, be it tying a square knot, or exercising leadership, restraint or maturity in a challenging moment. However, the Scout leader rarely sees the BIG PAY DAY.  Perhaps twenty-five years later, the boy who’s now a man manages his employees with character, coaches his child with love and navigates life with confidence and caring. Those big Pay Days – happen everyday. Just ask a 45 year old Eagle Scout where he learned to parent, coach, guide or manage.


Eagle Scouts
Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle! Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is an earned rite of passage. The community pulls together behind the Eagle Scout’s leadership and works together to donate, work, teach and improve the community for everyone. From the Eagle Scout project, to merit badge counselors, to Scout leaders everyone in the community has a hand in shaping this young adult’s core character. Just as his Eagle Scout project will stand the test of time and pay into the quality of the town for years to come – so will his character.


If you follow the Scouting story you probably realize the national organization is changing to better meet the needs of today’s families and regain our universal appeal. Those changes include programs that embrace everyone who wishes to raise children of character, while retaining and respecting the unique of every community. New England Base Camp is one of the premier “test kitchens” for these ideas. The effort to build Scouting’s ultimate resource center is well underway and already has a proven track record of revitalizing Scouting.

As Scouting revitalizes, it’s critical that we retain and honor the traditions of the past. To that end, we are installing a four part permanent display.

  1. Famous Scouts from Massachusetts: Autographs and artifacts line the gallery from the likes of John F Kennedy, Jay Leno, Maroon 5, Martin Luther King Jr. and dozens more.
  2. Outdoor Education and the Camping Tradition: 12 beautiful hand crafted displays showcase the properties that helped Scouting come alive during our first 100 years. Featured presentations include – the history of Camp Quinipoxet, Parker Mountain, Camp Sachem and all the other historical camps.
  3. Legacy Courtyard: The bricks we walk upon provide the foundation (literally and figuratively) for all the good Scouting does. We are endeavoring to recognize every Scout leader over our 100 year history. The recognition is appropriate for recent Eagle Scouts and life-long Scout Masters and everyone in between.
  4. The Digital Record of Commitment: A giant touch screen has been installed in the Kershaw Lobby, allowing all 20,000 annual guests to easily swipe to see photos and read stories about the thousands of Scout leaders who made Scouting possible throughout New England. Check out a video of the display below!
gone home
scout hero
Brick Plaza - Camp Squanto