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What the Adventure Card Can Do For Your Unit

Submitted by Jeff Reynolds, Scoutmaster Troop 58 Danvers. If you are like me, you wear many hats.  I work a lot, and that includes more travel than I care to admit to.  I have a wife and daughter whose idea of camping is a budget hotel, making full integration of Scouting for the family unit

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Merit Badge Counselors are Mentors: Simplify the Process

The Advancement Committee has approved a unique idea and provided a guideline for all Scoutmasters for merit badge crowd sourcing. Check out the new procedure here.

Find the Merit Badge Counselor sheet here.

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New Eagle Scout Recognition Process

One of the greatest moments in the Eagle Scout process is the Court of Honor. This is the event that celebrates your success with those who helped you and the rest of the community. We’d like to share some advice that may help make your special event even a little more special.  Please use this as a guide to help the community celebrate and learn more about Eagle Opportunities.

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Why is the New Member Coordinator so Important?

October 6, 2017

Submitted by Paul Gendreau, Membership Campaign Manager In addition to surveying our member families and leaders (voices of the Scouts), BSA also takes the pulse of non-member families. It seems that nationally lots of people leave Scouting before they even get their feet wet. This appears to be particularly evident with the current generation of … Continue reading Why is the New Member Coordinator so Important?

Scouting in Today’s Society

September 29, 2017

Utilizing our Diversity Task Force Submitted by Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive In the past nine months, we assembled a diversity and inclusion task force to review, and better understand Scouting’s relationship toward our diverse, melting pot /pluralist society. Our mission was to develop a roadmap that would ultimately unlock the program of Scouting for all families that want … Continue reading Scouting in Today’s Society

#ScoutingThrives Update- Fall 2017

September 7, 2017

Program / Membership Lion Cub Program (Kindergarten boys) is already off to a strong start! Last year we had a small group of packs that piloted the program, this year the majority of our packs have shown interest and signed up to run a Lion Den. If you have questions about starting a Lion Den, … Continue reading #ScoutingThrives Update- Fall 2017

Volunteering at Base Camp

August 18, 2017

Use your Scouting experience to make a difference! Volunteering is not only rewarding for you, it can change a child’s life.  The New England Base Camps and the 7 satellite programs locations provide outdoor education and character education opportunities. The flagship location (Blue Hills – just outside Boston) provides year round programs for families and … Continue reading Volunteering at Base Camp

Family Engagement is the Name of the Game

June 30, 2017

BSA Announces New Member Coordinator Position Submitted by Paul Gendreau, Membership Campaign Manager, Spirit of Adventure Council I find myself thinking of the great number of times over my career that I’ve heard a leader bemoan, “Parents think BSA means Baby Sitters of America”. These leaders are wonderful people who have caught the “Scouting bug”, … Continue reading Family Engagement is the Name of the Game

Learning About Lions

June 23, 2017

How does a Lion Den work? What kind of Scout programs can Lions do? Every Cub Scout Pack can now recruit Kindergartners into a Lion Program!  Click here for an informational PDF to share with new parents!  How Lion Dens Will Work:  The Lion program year runs from September through May. At that point, they … Continue reading Learning About Lions

#ScoutingThrives Update

May 12, 2017

Submitted by Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive & CEO Spring marks the start of summer programming, the end of rechartering season, and the continuation of #ScoutingThrives! Here is an update on how we have been progressing and growing this year and what we hope to see in the future: Program Stem Camp, Satellite Camps, Adventure Card … Continue reading #ScoutingThrives Update

Pursuing the History of Our Nation: The Inaugural Hike of BSA’s Historic Minutemen’s Pursuit Trail

April 28, 2017

Submitted by William Cline, Eagle Scout, Troop 11 Dorchester, MA On April 19, 1775, after a shot was fired in a conflict between an elite group of Colonial Militia, known as “Minutemen,” and British Soldiers, the Minutemen pursued retreating British Soldiers from Merriam’s Corner in Concord to Prospect Hill in Somerville. Ralph Waldo Emerson coined … Continue reading Pursuing the History of Our Nation: The Inaugural Hike of BSA’s Historic Minutemen’s Pursuit Trail

Summer Camp: Endless Opportunities

April 27, 2017

Submitted by Jenn Erickson, a Wilmington Cubmaster Summer Camp…two words…endless opportunities. Summer camp is so much better than a placeholder for your kids until you get home from work. So much better than a babysitter or electronics that keep them occupied. Summer camp is the time for kids to be kids. To get outside and learn … Continue reading Summer Camp: Endless Opportunities