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Flintlock District

Please contact George O'Loughlin for any questions regarding District activities or events. 

Welcome to the Flintlock District Page!

Get educated! Join us for Roundtables at St. Brigid's Parish (1995 Mass Ave, Lexington) the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

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Upcoming Events

Flintlock District Committee 2017

If contact information for a particular District Volunteer is not listed, please reach out to Jon Pleva for individual information.

Name Position  eMail
 Mark Maurice District Chair dmarkmaurice61@gmail.com
Kenneth Fung District Commissioner  ksfung3@yahoo.com
 George O'Loughlin Unit Serving Executive   george.oloughlin@scouting.org
 Allan Coady District Vice Chair of Communications

Annual Awards

 Brian Grace Cub Scout Activities Chair brian.grace@belmontprinting.com
 Mark Cheffro Boy Scout Activities Chair mcheffro@gmail.com
 Jan Gunther Membership Chair  jan@gunther.com
 Bill Quigley Advancement Chair & Eagle Project Approval  wquigs@gmail.com
Josh Kline Eagle Processing  fl.eagle.coordinator@gmail.com
 John Dreyer Community FOS Chair  jdreyer751@aol.com
 Chet Maguire Family FOS Chair  chet@smile-pro.com
 Doug Tenney Camp Promotion  thetenneys@yahoo.com
 Jeff Carter Order of the Arrow  jeff.carter@troop194.org
 Hank Manz Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner  hank.manz@gmail.com
 Gail Tenney Roundtable Commissioner-Cub Scout  qegail@yahoo.com

Flintlock District Unit Commissioners 2017

Name Position  Area  eMail
Mark Maurice District Commissioner Roundtable and ALL Communities dmarkmaurice61@gmail.com
Ken Fung Assistant District Commissioner Eastern Communities
Woburn, Winchester, Stoneham, Wakefield, Reading, and North Reading
Patrick Rezac Assistant District Commissioner  Western Communities
Carlisle, Concord, Bedford, Lincoln, Burlington, HAFB, and Lexington