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Pathways to Training

Learn Outdoor Skills in the Outdoors! Alongside your Scout as he completes a merit badge.

Are you new to Scouting? You just raised your hand to be a Den Leader or a Scoutmaster and don't know where to begin?

Bring the scouts and their families to Base Camp for an afternoon! It's free with your Adventure Card! While you are there, the scouts can work on badges and you'll participate side by side and walk away with your adult badge for training! It's simple - while they have fun measuring, preparing and cooking meals, you simultaneously learn how to manage a meal for a group of scouts.

BALOO Training and IOLS Training available every week at Open Program in Milton!
(Note: Overnight camping is required for these trainings, so one can either earn the certification by booking an overnight or providing proof of one.)

Training Courses

March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & April 12th-14th 2019: Shu Shu Ga- Scout Leader Specific Training

March 16th: Eastern Massachusetts Commissioner College 2019

March 30th-31st 2019: SOLO Wilderness First Aid Training

March 29th- 31st 2019: SCOUTING SKILLS FOR WOMEN

April 12th-13th or 13th-14th: Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS)

May 3rd-5th & 17th-19th: Climbing & COPE Instructor Training

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