Scoutbook Lite to replace Internet Advancement in 2018

Advancement Reports from Scoutbook and Internet Advancement accepted at Scout Shops

The Scoutbook database will become the official record of advancement for the Boy Scouts of America.

The current Internet Advancement platform will be retired in 2018 and replaced by a new online tool called Scoutbook Lite, which is being developed now.

All Scouting units with active Scoutbook subscriptions have recently been invited to complete the Scoutbook youth advancement sync with ScoutNet. Scoutbook users will no longer need to access Internet Advancement to track and report their unit advancement.

When it is released, Scoutbook Lite will be for units who don’t use Scoutbook, a ‘no frills- data entry’ version of Scoutbook. It will also sync with the national database, ScoutNet, and still be able to accept data imports from 3rd party services. Scoutbook will continue  to serve as the ‘fully featured’ unit management application.