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Membership Monday 9/28

Dear Scouting Families,
We hope you’ve been enjoying and sharing our Membership Monday blasts with your friends and family!  This week as kids are getting sick and tired of being stuck in front of computers or if they are lucky ‘in classrooms’ (when did being able to go to school qualify as lucky huh?) – we’re encouraging all Cub Scouting Packs to find a way to get outside and have fun!  We found a peppy Cub video and we’re asking you to share it with your friends and families.  This week’s Membership Monday sharable messages are below.  Please send them out via Text Messaging, on Facebook, and Via Email.  Kids really do deserve to get involved in the Scouting Program – so let’s get them Prepared to have Fun!

Text Messaging:  Our family wanted to share how Scouting can help kids to just have some good old-fashioned fun!  All of our kids have had too much screen time and Scouting is a great way to get them outdoors and actually living life!  Check out this brief video and to learn more about Scouting in INSERT YOUR TOWN area please email INSERT YOUR PACK NAME at YOUR PACK EMAIL

Facebook:   All our kids are having way too much screen time, right?  Or if they are really “Lucky” they are sitting in a classroom all day.  It is the time of year to get our kids outside!  Check out how Scouting can help your family get outside and having fun together – the good old fashion way!

To all my friends and family,

I hope you are all well.

Our family is really enjoying this time of year!  The great weather, the disconnecting from all the screen time by getting outdoors!  If you’re interesting in getting your kids unplugged and having some good old fashioned fun, check out Scouting:

If you have questions about Scouting or just want to sign up – I would suggest you reach out to your local Pack or Troop through .  You can also email INSERT YOUR LOCAL PACK CONTACT INFO if you are interested in Scouting in INSERT YOUR TOWN NAME.
We hope your child does join Scouting.  Maybe your whole family can join us in our Scouting adventure!


Membership Monday 9/21

Dear Scouting Families,

We hope you’ve been enjoying and sharing our Membership Monday blasts with your friends and family!  This week we wanted to transition a little bit and begin to show you how our ‘Be Prepared’ theme can be used to introduce the fun of Scouting to others.  Next week will be all about ‘Be Prepared to have Fun’ but this week we’ll slowly move toward that – by showing you that even when we are focusing on Disaster Preparedness – that we can still make it an Adventure for the kids and parents every time!  This one is about how leaders can simulate a bad situation in a safe way, help their Scouts learn valuable skills, and make it a very fun experience for the kids!  We all hope you’ll love and share this week’s video with others.

Text Messaging:  Our family wanted to share how Scouting can help develop a sense of Adventure for your child.  Here’s a link to a fun Scouting Adventure that we think you’ll love To learn more about how Scouting Prepares youth for disasters in partnership with FEMA in the INSERT YOUR TOWN area please email INSERT YOUR PACK NAME at YOUR PACK EMAIL

Facebook:   To all my friends – I wanted to take a moment to give you a clear view of the way Scouting can introduce a sense of Adventure into a child’s life.  Here’s a link to a fun Scouting Adventure that we think you’ll love.  Feel free to reach out in the comments below if you’re interested in learning more about Scouting

To all my friends and family,

I hope you are all well.

As our family travels further through our Scouting journey – we learn more and more about how Scouting can be used to introduce a sense of Adventure to your children.  Here is a short video that shows how much of an Adventure Scouting can be – even for the adults involved!:

If you have questions about Scouting or just want to sign up – I would suggest you reach out to your local Pack or Troop through .  You can also email INSERT YOUR LOCAL PACK CONTACT INFO if you are interested in Scouting in INSERT YOUR TOWN NAME.
We hope your child does join Scouting.  They’ll be better prepared for an an uncertain world and they’ll have a ton of fun in their Scouting adventure!



Membership Monday 9/14

Dear Scouting Families,

We hope you are all well.

It’s time for our second installment of Member Mondays.  This week we’re asking Scouting Families to share the story of Charlie – and ask your friends and family – by text messaging, email, and social media – to join with you and your family in your Scouting Adventure.  We’re sure that once you see this week’s highlighted video – you’ll believe it’s worth letting people know about how Scouting can literally save lives.

Please share the following:                                                  ‘

Text Messaging:  This week our family learned about a boy named Charlie.  Here is the story of how Scouting helped him save his father’s life:  To learn more about how Scouting Prepares youth for disasters in planned cooperation with FEMA in the INSERT YOUR TOWN area please email INSERT YOUR PACK NAME at YOUR PACK EMAIL.

Facebook:   To all my friends – as many of you know – our family is involved in Scouting.  This week during our Scouting journey we learned about Charlie – who used his Scouting skills to save his father’s life.    I hope if you have children – that you will sign them up for Scouting.  Scouting prepares youth for emergencies & it’s a lot of fun!  My family does it – and I hope you will to.

To all my friends and family,

I hope you are all well.

As many of you know, our family participates in Scouting.  This week, we were introduced to a story that we felt was important to share. It’s the story of a kid named Charlie – and how he used his Scouting skills to save his fathers life in an emergency.  We’re sharing Charlie’s story with you because we know that Scouting’s lessons can literally save lives.  Click here to learn a more about how this young man confronted and managed his fear – and took several direct steps in a deadly emergency – that resulted in his father still being alive today:

If you have questions about Scouting or just want to sign up – I would suggest you reach out to your local Pack or Troop through .  You can also email INSERT YOUR LOCAL PACK CONTACT INFO if you are interested in Scouting in INSERT YOUR TOWN NAME.
We hope your child does join Scouting.  They’ll be better prepared for an uncertain world and they’ll have a ton of fun in their Scouting adventure!



Troop 74 Parent Letter

Troop 74 recently sent this letter to parents in their unit.  Just one example of Scouting continuing to thrive even in the midst of today’s issues.

2020-2021 Troop 74 Overview of the Direction Ahead

Hello Scout Families!!

Considering what is going on in the world, we hope all of you have had a good summer and enjoyed the warm weather.

As we kick off the next year of Scouting along with our constantly changing schedules, it might be a good time to give an update on where we are and where we want to head.

Personally, I have been trying to see the positive in all of this.  I like rolling out of bed grabbing a coffee from my personal barista (me) and throwing on my best t shirt and sitting in my office/bedroom.  Ahh, and those joyful and engaging happy and upbeat conversations with my children. (no fighting, yelling, or screaming here lol).  Finally, all that quality time with my wife is priceless. I am sure she feels the same way.

Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth!”

From work, schools, and sports there are all kinds of plans in your son’s world in which they will have to adapt to once those plans get punched.

As Scouts, parents of Scouts, and leaders of Scouts we are all going to have to be nimble, flexible, and adaptable to the changing environment.  From time to time, particular issues and obstacles will present themselves, with this in mind I ask that you be patient and help navigate this together.  The skills of be being flexible and understanding in a changing environment will be great lessons for the boys to learn.  Looking to make “Lemonade out of Lemons.”

All of us understand everyone has a different journey and needs to look out for the health and safety of their family.  Please know the leaders of Troop 74 are here to support your son in any way possible on their Scouting journey.  At the end of the day we are all volunteers trying to do what is best for the boys.

For all the boys looking to progress in Rank and on Merit badges, you can continue your hard work online.  All provided within the safety and convenience of your home.  All your son will need is a willingness to explore and communicate.  He will have to learn to reach out to his leaders so we can clarify, review, and document his accomplishments.

For those in compromised households, we would be glad to help figure out a way for your son to participate in interactive group activities as things change and progress.

For those who are not in compromised situations, we are going to adjust our meetings to outside. As the weather turns colder, meetings will be held on Zoom. The Zoom meeting will be shorter and more focused.  Nobody wants to be on a long call after a long day of school or work.  As leaders will make ourselves available by appointment for the boys to individually discuss their progress and to answer any questions.

Troop 74 has grown to over 22 Scouts in two plus years!  Things that were manageable with 8-10 boys are no longer manageable with this size group. What you are going to see is a transformation from adult led to boy led and a delegation of work to the boys and their patrols.  This is a process and will have its bumps for sure.  Additionally, this is probably the only activity that your son does where failure is OK as long as you are learning from it.  Lord Baden-Powell once said “Never do for a Scout what he can do for himself”.  I find myself muttering this over and over to myself at camp outs and at home.  With that in mind, the motto for this year is “Failure = Learning and Learning = Success”.  No mistake this will be harder for us as parents than the boys.  Your support of this will the key to success.

Last weekend you may have seen some new faces that you may or may not recognized.  At a proper distance please induce yourself.

I want to shout out Scott and Alex who have moved up with their sons to help with the Troop.  Last weekend would not have been as successful as it was without them.

Michael and Zack are two young men you should absolutely get to know!  They are both Eagle Scouts who are giving back to Scouting.  I could go on and on about these guys.  Do yourself a favor and get to know them.

A face you may not have seen is Brennan he helped led the Troop from its infancy.  I can tell you the whole story. He is a proud new Dad of Paige who is 15 months old, needless to say his priorities have shifted but he is still in the mix.

Our first camp out as a Troop was a success on many levels.  The troop camped out in two separate patrols, socially distanced and wore masks.  Collectively, the leaders observed how important this was for each of the boys to engage with their friends and feel like life was back to the way it was before the pandemic.

Our next campout is September 11-13, with the location and meeting time the same.  On Sunday the 13th, the boys will be participating in mountain biking. If you have a mountain bike bring it! If you do not there are bikes you can borrow.  Everyone must bring their own helmet.  There will be more information in later emails.

A schedule will be coming out that will have meetings and outings thru December.  There will be place holders for dates for the rest of the year, but they will be TBD depending on where things are at that time.  The Troop will be using Camp Sayre a lot! A lot can be accomplished as far as requirements and ranks without worrying about carpooling or everyone individually having to drive a great distance.  It gives us the opportunity to practice and perfect skills the boys will need to do the bigger more adventures trips in the future.  The goal will be to try and to change it up every time we go to Sayre.  Please encourage your boys to prepare and think about what they are packing and what they want to accomplish to get the most out of the outings.

One of the major goals for this year is to turn the Troop over to boy led.  Being in a Troop that is so young has presented challenges and opportunities.  When you have 8-10 eleven-year-old boys with no older Scouts to look up to its impossible to have them lead themselves. The older boys are now reaching the age and experience levels to do this.  They will be taking on the tasks of planning the activities, buying groceries, cleaning and storing the patrol boxes and everyone will have a turn.  So, if a black plastic tote ends up in your car at the end of a campout understand this is a bigger skill of responsibility and accountability they are learning.  For this to work we ask you to encourage your son to make sure the box is clean and organized, but please do not clean or organize the box for him.  This will be your son’s responsibility.  It’s OK if he does not clean or organize the box he will have to answer to his fellow scouts and learn a valuable lesson.

If they are The Grub Master for their patrol, they will need a ride to the grocery store to purchase food for patrol.  They should have a list and a budget that they have discussed in their patrol meeting. Please do not do this for them!  This is a great time to discuss life skills such as, how to do cost comparisons, brand names vs generic and sale items ect.  They will be reimbursed for the groceries they purchased once they arrive at the outing and present the receipt to the patrol leader and Scoutmaster. I know everyone can pay for the groceries but learning this process start to finish is the goal.  Please do not analyze what they have purchased you and I will not be eating it.  They will survive and any mistake will be a learning experience for the for the next time.

Participation in meetings and outings.  We would love for everyone to participate all the time.  We know that is impossible and conflicts in schedules come up.  We are asking everyone to respond to emails to let us know if you are attending or not, and if things change and you can attend let us know.  That way we can help the boys prepare.  If you have to leave early or come late to an outing that’s OK, but, we need to know ahead of time to let the boys plan properly.  Unless there is a true emergency, we ask that there are no surprise “I have to leave early” requests. The reason is it leaves the rest of the patrol to pick up the slack and additionally as leaders we are not always in a position to return that call or text promptly. Pick up is always kind of a loose estimation depending the activity.  We will do our best to communicate any changes.

Let me re-emphasis we have a No Electronics Policy on outings or events. (Yep, forgot that one at the last campout). If you son brings his phone or any other electronic device to a camp out or event, he will be asked to put it in a box that will be locked.  Best practice is not to bring anything electronic for various reasons. They can always go the Scout Master or designated leader if they need to make a call or text.  They will be given their devices at the end of the event to call or text to coordinate pick up.

I know this was long winded and for that I apologize.  I want to thank each and every one of you for the support and commitment to the program. Its growing getting better and the boys are having fun!  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!


Nathan – 2019 Top Popcorn Seller revises his sale for COVID-19

WOW!! Have you heard about Nathan? Our council’s 2019 Top Seller!!

Nathan has been out selling door to door these past few days.  He designed the 3 by 4ft poster in the attached picture and had it printed at Staples. Mariama Sano had the opportunity to connect with Nathan yesterday regarding his experience and here’s what he shared with us.

“For starters, the people in my neighborhood have been very supportive when I speak with them about selling popcorn.  I try to keep my distance, wear a mask and limit contact with the customers, who seem to appreciate my effort to keep save.  So far, no one has reacted negatively to me because of COVID, and sometimes I think they are impressed with the steps I’ve taken to keep everyone safe. Having the large poster has be helpful because customers have been able to easily see the products from a safe distance. They will point at the item or read the name off the poster. I believe customers have enjoyed the sign a lot. I have been telling people about the shipping cost and it hasn’t been too discouraging although I had a few customers who opted for the wagon sale because of it. One thing that I have been doing is letting customers know that shipping comes much much much faster and that has helped.

Not listing prices on the poster has also been helpful. When people ask about the cost, I encourage them to choose the item they want first and then I’ll tell them how much that item cost. This way they got attached to the product before getting the price. When I compare my average sale per customer to last year, I see that there’s an increase spending. A number of customers are spending over 50 dollars!

I recommend that people sell in the early evening. That time frame works the best for me because it is a little cooler. It is also the time when people are done working from home.

My family and I are heading to Cape Cod this weekend and I plan to sell there.  The Online Direct option means that I don’t need to worry about delivering the orders in the fall – which my dad also really likes.

I also tell customers that we’re only doing credit card transactions.  The Square Reader seems to make them feel more comfortable with paying by credit card.  I think the credit card option is great because I get more rewards from Trails End and I don’t need to worry about dropping money when I am walking from house to house.”

Congratulations on hitting the streets Nathan. To all other scouts & scout parents, Nathan has paved the way. To learn how you can start selling, TEXT 62771.

Mariama is interested in hearing from more scouts who are currently selling. If you know anyone who is, please let her know at [email protected]

Changes to Online Registration System

  • Payment Options – Effective July 1st, National is no longer offering the option of paying for the online registrations at the Council Service Center.  All payments will be made online at the time the parent or guardian submits the online registration.


  • Adult Registrations – Effective July 1st, Adult volunteers can’t register via the online system.  Because of the Massachusetts CORI background check, we need to process and approve the adult applications locally.  We apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to do this online.  However, all adult registration paperwork may be scanned and emailed in.


  • Youth Registrations – Beginning on August 1st, all online youth registrations will be processed directly by the National Office, once the pack or troop has approved the new Scout.  The middle step of approval at the council level has been eliminated.  At this time, transfer Scouts are not able to do their registrations online.  The National Office is working on making that an online option by Spring of 2021, just in time for the next class of Arrow of Light Scouts to be able to cross over and transfer via online registration.

Also, beginning on August 1st, online registration will collect pro-rated AND the following year of fees for registration and Adventure Card fees.  It will still be important to communicate with the new families that local Pack, Troop, or Crew fees/dues will still be collected.  The full year fees collected, will be applied to the unit’s charter.  So the unit won’t be charged twice.

Be-a-Scout Pin

  • With the uncertainty of what fall recruiting will look like in the fall, all units are encouraged to make sure their Be-a-Scout pins are set with the current contact information.  Be-a-Scout is one way for non-Scout families can learn about local Scouting units to join.  Click HERE to learn more about setting and updating your Be-a-Scout pin.

Have you Registered your Arrow of Light Crossovers??

  • With the sudden shut down due to the pandemic, a large number of Arrow of Light crossovers have not been registered by their new troop yet.  Many are waiting for the physical Crossover Ceremony, others are waiting for the first in-person meeting.  Whatever the reason, you should make sure you do the registrations now, rather than waiting.  This YOUTH APPLICATION can be emailed back and forth, rather than waiting for the paper applications.

Waiting to register the new Scout with the Troop can effect their ability to work on Scouts BSA advancement, including any online merit badge classes they take, or attending the Two-weekend Scout Camp, which starts in August.  Physical Crossover Ceremonies can take place now that we are in Gear 4.

Setting up a BeAScout Pin

Set Up Your BeAScout Pin

  • This action needs to be taken by the Committee Chair, the Chartered Organization Representative, or the unit leader. The BeAScout unit pin allows prospective members to find you online and apply to your unit.

Login in to

  • Select MENU
  • Select your UNIT
  • Select Organization Manager


  • Select UNIT PIN (left-hand side of the screen)

Unit information section of the screen

  • Set Appear on BeAScout to the on position
    • On if check mark is visible
    • If on this allows unit pin to show on map
  • Allow People to Apply online from BeAScout Pin
    • On if check mark is visible


  • Person whose information
  • Will be visible when someone clicks on your unit’s pin
    • Email recommended
    • Phone number optional
      • Will only display if you select to display
    • Unit’s web address if you have one
    • Additional information
      • e. Day and time usually meet, interests etc.


  • Verify address of where you meet is correct
  • Defaults to Chartered Organization address
  • Select LOCATE
  • This will update latitude and longitude on map


  • Choose the fields you want displayed on the pin
    • On if check mark is visible
      • The fields selected will display in UNIT PREVIEW
      • as you enable them so you can see what will
      • be displayed

After your changes are made select SAVE (at bottom of screen)

For additional information got to

Scroll down to Getting Started Step 2 to watch the video


Are you taking American Heritage Merit Badge?

Requirement 3a. Select a topic related to the United States that is currently in the news. Describe to your counselor what is happening. Explain how today’s events are related to or affected by the events and values of America’s past.

Are you taking Journalism Merit Badge?

Requirement 2b. All on the same day, watch a local and national network newscast, listen to a radio newscast, and (with your parent’s permission) view a national broadcast news source online. List the different news items and features presented, the different elements used, and the time in minutes and seconds and the online space devoted to each story. Compare the story lists, and discuss whether the stories are fair and accurate. Explain why the different news outlets treated the stories differently and/or presented a different point of view.

Are you taking American Cultures Merit Badge

Requirement 5. Give a talk to your scout unit or class at school on how people from different groups have gotten along together. Lead a discussion on what can be done to help various groups understand one another better.


Last week, The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a ruling that a longstanding federal law, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, barring workplace discrimination protects gay and transgender employees.

During our summer of Global Citizenship, we’ll highlight this decision and encourage everyone to reflect on the evolution of the civil rights act.


Civil Rights Act

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, is considered one of the crowning legislative achievements of the civil rights movement. First proposed by President John F. Kennedy, it survived strong opposition from southern members of Congress and was then signed into law by Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon B. Johnson. In subsequent years, Congress expanded the act and passed additional civil rights legislation such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


Civil rights of the LGBT community – Stonewall Riots

In June of 1969, most states said it was illegal to be LGBTQ. It was also illegal for bars and restaurants to have gay employees or serve gay patrons. Stonewall Inn was one establishment that went against that ruling and as a result there was a raid which resulted in a riot. The Stonewall riot became catalyst for LGBTQ activists. Although Stonewall was not the beginning of the LBGTQ movement, it became the turning point. Today, we celebrate Pride Month in June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots and the impact that LBGTQ people have had in the world.  Pride month is also an opportunity to peacefully protest and raise awareness of issues facing the community.


Timeline Summary of Civil Rights movement and Civil Rights Act of 1964



Timeline Summary of LGBT Rights movement



Opinion piece by Irene Monroe


Learning about Citizenship

By K.L. Plano-Faber, Life Scout, National Capitol Area Council, T763 White Oak District

With Flag Day (6/14), Juneteenth (6/19), Independence Day (7/4), and the anniversary of the 14th Amendment (7/9) approaching, and Memorial Day (5/25) and the 96th anniversary of the Indian Citizenship Act (6/2) recently, as well as an election year and other current events, I’ve been thinking more and more about Citizenship in this country, and how to best show a commitment to the principles in the Scout Oath and Law. I’ve especially thought on our legal system, one of the attributes that makes our country unique. Our motto is “Be Prepared”, and law is an important system to be familiar with, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to look at how you can use the Law Merit Badge toward this goal.

The Law Badge, which over 5,000 Scouts have earned since 1974, covers actual law, the world’s and our U.S.A. history of law, how to become a lawyer, how to advocate and interact with law, and overall just how much falls under law’s umbrella. This badge involves interviews, research, and some writing, and provides a solid introduction to law basics.

Some steer away from the more ‘academic’ merit badges, leaving many of these to the Explorers’ branch of BSA. Opportunities we may not first choose for ourselves might fall under what Dr. Temple Grandin calls being ‘stretched’, and like stretching, it may feel unpleasant, until you recognize the growth it brings. The Law Merit Badge is often overlooked as the three Citizenship badges seem to many to cover the same concepts and material, such as youth being active and influencing legislature, but the Law Merit Badge opens different doors; one possible example is a Mock Trial.

Many people don’t know much about a Mock Trial, so I’ll say it is fun and hard work about data and using logic, interview skills, and game strategy. If you enjoy the concepts of D+D, Escape Rooms, or Logic Puzzles, chances are you’ll enjoy this, too. My team and I were supplied with the fictional paperwork, witness statements, a few other exhibits (evidence), and the rules of law. We had to sift through superfluous material, locate key points and build a case around them (we had two trials, one as prosecution and one as defense), anticipate and repel our opponent’s attacks, and destroy their argument’s foundation, all while staying within the bounds of the court and obeying the rules of evidence. In short, it is a challenge; a strategic chess match with all the intricacies that you continue to discover (I had a revelation on stipulated facts two days before the trial that helped swat down some objections) and gives you a sense of what real trial law is actually like. I am fortunate that our school Mock Trial was held online with volunteer judges over the web, during this corona-virus isolation period and that it fulfills a Law MB requirement; the other Scouts had to complete this requirement by either visiting (before covid era) or watching and listening to a court session online. I was deeply involved, not just a spectator, and I recommend this for other students. The Mock Trials, even though held virtually, didn’t give short-shrift to the concepts or practices. The Law Merit badge, navigated online like so many Merit Badges @ Home with a class and Counselor, worked very well in this format, too, just as I have heard that Citizenship Merit Badges are working out well for many Scouts learning from home.

This Law Merit Badge not only gave me a zeal for understanding law and my citizenship life better, but gave me new ideas to be more active, and direct experience that will come in handy. One of the best parts of our legal system is that anyone can work to change it, no matter what your age or position. Therefore, this is a key Merit Badge to aid you in doing your duty to your country and to help other people. Best wishes to everyone for educational, meaningful, and safe observances with family and with friends and in Units (at safe distances or virtually) for Flag Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, and the 14th Amendment Anniversary. Do a good turn daily, and enjoy your own Merit Badge studies about Citizenship and Law.

Essay written after completing the Law Merit Badge in the Spirit of Adventure Council/New England Base Camp Online this spring.


Classroom textbooks have taught us all that Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of January 1, 1863 marked the end of slavery in America. Although this is true on paper, it didn’t translate in practice. In fact, it wasn’t until June 19, 1865—2 years after the signature of the Emancipation Proclamation—that slavery effectively ended in America.

Therefore, Juneteenth is a commemoration of the end of Slavery in the United States. It was on June 19, 1865 that, Gen Gordon Granger and Union Soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas and announced to the last 250,000 or so enslaved African Americans that the Civil War had ended and that they were now free.

There is still no clear explanation for why it took over two years after the Emancipation Proclamation for slavery to effectively end. But according to historians, the most popular beliefs are:

  • slave masters deliberately kept this information from slaves in order to maintain the status quo
  • a messenger with the news of freedom was murdered on his way to Texas
  • Slave owners wanted to generate one last cotton harvest

Although Texas was the last state to end slavery, it was the first to make Juneteenth and state holiday in 1980.

The Juneteenth holiday is also known as Emancipation Day, Juneteenth Independence or Black Independence Day because it is to African Americans what 4th of July is the White Americans.

Today, it is a celebration of Freedom & Resilience but also a reminder of the work that still needs to be done toward racial equity and equality.

Happy Juneteenth !!


Learn more through the following programs:

Virtual Speaker Series

American Heritage Merit Badge


Additional resources on African American History:

Black Heritage Trail – Boston, MA

Black Heritage Trail – New Hampshire

African American Heritage Trail – Washington, DC

Black Heritage Trail – Florida

Museum of African American History – Boston

National Museum of African American History and Culture – Washington, DC